The Left Is So Upset With Elon Musk


The left is really upset with Elon Musk. Why are they upset with Elon Musk? Because he won't listen. He won't heal. He won't do what they need him to do. You know, when I have Briggs and I want to bring him right up to me, there's a German command called foos, which means get beside me and cut it out. You know, any dog owner Victor marks, you see with a dog. Get over here. Cut it out. It's actually another German word phooey. He's knock it off. It's very direct. That's how the left treats their own. And they've been saying to Elon Musk the last couple of weeks, foos, foos, get beside me, come to heal, and Elon's like, no. I'm not going to. Now the latest tabulations of where his net worth is, they kind of re tabulated every single day. It's about $221 billion today. He certainly has the net worth still to be able to purchase Twitter. We don't even know how valuable SpaceX is. SpaceX is probably way more valuable than anything they publicly disclose. Elon's going to be just fine. For those of you that are like, wow, Tesla stock is really down. I don't think he's going to have to take out a second mortgage anytime soon. However, it does dampen his potential purchasing power. But the left hates Elon because he will not be totally and completely blindly obedient to everything they tell him to do. You see, the way it's supposed to work. And by the way, Jeff Bezos is getting a little Elon Musk energy recently. I'm not a fan of Bezos, but Bezos is like angrily tweeting towards Biden too. He's like, hey, we as elites, we could think towards ourselves like, okay, Jeff Bezos, we'll see how long that lasts. We'll see if you keep on getting your Pentagon contracts. And Jeff Bezos will heal. Trust me. You want to talk about a guy who is all bark and no bite, that's Bezos. Elon Musk, he just might be wild and eccentric enough actually to challenge the regime. I think he

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