'2000 Mules' Hits 400 Theatres This Weekend!


The documentary 2000 meals goes into theaters, 400 theaters this weekend, starting, well, there are a few early shows. Even on Thursday, evening this evening. But it really begins four shows a day tomorrow, which is Friday. And then it continues, and it'll run pretty much as long as people are seeing it. In fact, if we do really well in the theater, we might even expand to more theaters the following week. So it's important for us to do well, and this is a great way to see the movie. In fact, I make these movies for the theater. It was heartbreaking to me. With the last one, Trump card, where I was all set to go and a thousand theaters. In fact, and then COVID, theater shut down, all these mask requirements. And so I kind of pull the movie, which was, as I say, very hard to do. But with this one, what's so cool is we had done a very limited theatrical release. We essentially rented the theaters out may 2nd, may 4th, and we did so well that the independent theater is a lot of them came to us and were like, hey, we'd love to have this movie in the theater in a normal release. So this is all kind of jumbled because it violates every kind of normal rule for releasing a movie, normally you go out in the theater. You try to hang in there for two, three, maybe four weeks, then there's a kind of mandatory gap, then you release the movie for digital download. And streaming, and then later you try to get some sort of a deal with an epic or Netflix. So that's the traditional formula. Well, that formula I kind of door up and throughout the window. For a variety of reasons. One of which is that this is the first film I've released in a real age of censorship, where we're blocked and all the normal things that we used

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