Blake Masters: Mark Kelly Won't Admin Money Printing Is a Problem


So the audience wants to hear from you not me Let's just think through a couple issues the jour inflation a real problem Blake I mean the Democrats and swampy Republicans which I like and you take it to both the swamp on both sides They're starting to figure out you can't print trillions of dollars of money and suffer no repercussions So what do we do about it Well we really do have to stop this crazy crazy spending Dan I know that sounds like an old school talking point But man the economy is cratering and we know why You can't spend $6 trillion in one year and not expect any inflation My incumbent Democrat opponent Mark Kelly though He won't even admit that the money printing is the problem He literally crips the Elizabeth Warren line and says oh inflation is caused when all the greedy businessmen get together and conspire to raise prices Are they lying to us or are they economically illiterate I'm not sure but we got to throw them out of office and stop printing so much money

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