Remember, Populism Is Not Conservatism


And I don't dispute that he made some mistakes. I started my day with a knock down drag out with my pal Mark Davis in Dallas because Mark said, wow, we dodged a bullet. Why? I still can't hit the high notes. That's called doing a musical nonstop for three weeks and screeching and blowing out your voice. Yeah, mark's very excited that Madison Cawthorn lost. And I sort of tried with love and respect to get Mac marked to back off. We Republicans never know how to act. Unified. And Mark claims that it was all about finding the most conservative representative. Possible. And I get it. I appreciate that. But there is this, there is a populism that the establishment types can't stand. That's why they hate Trump so much. It has to do with the populist streak of trumpism. Populism is not conservatism. And some of us are having a more difficult time than others in reconciling the two.

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