What to Expect From the Sussman Trial With Kash Patel


What are the next steps then? So this trial is going to wrap up. There is a period of time between the conviction and then the sentencing, right? Kind of decision of the jury, and then the sentencing, what can we expect next out of John Durham? What are the targets you think he's going to indict next? And has there been anything in this trial that has really surprised you? Yeah, so next, will the sentencing will be a couple of months away if and when I believe sussman's convicted in the next day or two. After that, we have to remind the audience. He already has another indictment in place in the trial set for this fall of the source to steal, and he also has a multiple count indictment for lying to the FBI at ton of times. And for making up all that Christopher Steele information. So he's got that in the pipeline public already. What I think is next is the joint joint venture conspiracy as John Durham has called it in the federal pleadings in the sussman indenting case that he has multiple other targets. And he has said Rodney joffe, the tech executive that was paid millions of dollars to drum up this false alphabet narrative while they were also drumming up their steel stuff. He has said publicly. He John Durham like Rodney joffe is a target of my ongoing investigation. He has also said in his pleading, these other people in the joint venture conspiracy, all that is, is legalese for a bunch of people have to get together to do this. The FBI, the Clinton campaign, fusion GPS, and these guys like Rodney joffe. And the Jake sullivans of the world. They're all mentioned by title in these pleadings. And they're all under his investigation. So that's why I think he's going to get a couple of FBI agents, and he should get Andy mccabe, who orchestrated this entire thing. And Peter strzok, hopefully, as well, along with fusion GPS and this tech guy Rodney joffe. And if he does all that, that's pretty good work.

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