Ilan Berman Assesses the Western Response to Ukraine


Ilhan, we've talked about the danger of a landlocked Ukraine. Let's talk about our actions to date. I've said $40 billion worth of aid doesn't make a lot of sense in terms of cash to Kyiv, especially when it has line items for $7 billion for the State Department and undisclosed amount of money for the CIA. That doesn't look like a to Kyiv, having spoken to cramming knowledge with people who've worked in the Ukraine, what they need is what is zelensky's calling for, which is weapons, which is weaponry, ammunition, wheeled vehicles to move their troops and also training of their reserves in safe locales like the Baltics and Poland. Will you give us your assessment of the west on blocks response to this war in the last three months? Right. Well, I mean, there's a lot there to unpack. But listen, I think generally I'm positive on the western response. I do have some of the same misgivings as you, which is because our politics I may say charitably have become intolerably stupid. Not ours. America's not ours, America's politics. D.C.'s. There is this false equation that if you somehow question the line items in the $40 billion that you are not your put inside. Putin side or you're somehow not supportive enough of Ukraine. But the more nuanced argument is, I firmly believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. I want to see what's sort of what is allocated, whether it's actually going to be useful to Ukraine. And accountability. Absolutely. But can I just flip on that? That's stupid politics. There's also the flip side of that, that if you're pro as we are supporting what I see is Ukraine 1776. Suddenly you're an interventionist neocon. That's

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