The Makings of a Conservative Majority With Newt Gingrich


This. I think social media is also helping us a lot where a lot of black and Hispanic voters otherwise would have been just kind of listening to propaganda radio or television, but they're exposed to new and exciting voices like Candace Owens or Brandon Tatum, where they're getting the other side of the story for the first time, maybe 20 or 30 years ago. It wouldn't have been as possible. And also, unfortunately, the dominance of Democrats destroying these cities. It's now 50 years, 60 years. They've had their turn, and there is that kind of narrative that is seeping in, such as look at Detroit before and after Democrat rule. I mean, in certain, you've seen those pictures where almost Nagasaki has done better post atomic bomb than Detroit under Democrat rule. And then finally, and I love your thoughts on this. I think Republicans are doing better at candidate selection and asking for the vote. It's almost like there's this new sense of confidence thanks to president Trump where we're going to go and ask for the vote, such candidates like Herschel Walker and others. What are your thoughts on all that? Well, I think first of all, I think you're right on and I think you put your finger on a very fascinating part of this. Kevin McCarthy set out in 2020 to recruit candidates and people thought the House Republicans would lose 25 seats. They gained 15. That's a swing of 40 from what the experts thought would happen. Well, the 15 they gained every single one of them was either a woman or a minority and in some cases, as with two Korean American women in Southern California, a woman and a minority. And McCarthy talks constantly about base broadening and he talks about this opportunity to expand the brand, not just to focus in a narrow way on the old base. All of this was made possible by two things. One was Trump's effectiveness in communicating and in delivering the fact is you look at the price of gasoline two 35, I think, when Trump left office, you look at the price of gasoline now, you look at the price of food when Trump left office, you look at the price of food now. You look at the border getting controlled under Trump. You look at the chaos and the border now. You look at the crime rate under Trump. And Trump, I think, by now, would have very aggressively gone after these George Soros elected district attorneys who are refusing to prosecute

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