The Left's Hold on the Black Community Is Coming to an End


I want to get right to our guest. Someone who I have an amazing amount of respect for, I read basically everything he puts out. If there's an op-ed by this man, I read it. He's kind of the senior Professor of the conservative movement, and we are honored to have this great patriot with us today. Newt Gingrich, mister speaker, welcome back to the program. Thank you for that warm introduction. As long as you say those nice things, I'll always show up. Well, then we have a deal. So I want to talk about your piece. Democrats hold on the black community is ending, this is something that people have been talking about for a couple years. It was a wonderful piece, walk our audience through it. Well, we've been working on a project that Bernie Marcus launched back in 19 18, looking at the question of could you find an American majority that would be large enough and stable enough that you could really get the big things done we need to get this country back on the right road. And because of my background, both working with Ronald Reagan and then with the contract with America in creating the first Republican House majority in 40 years, we had sort of an instinct for how to do this. What's happened, of course, is that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer mean, let's be fair. They all work together. They've created such a bad performance record at levels people feel. There was a brilliant article the other day by Selena zito, who's one of the great students of American politics. And she said, she was interviewing people in small towns in western Pennsylvania who said to her, look, I can't find baby formula without going to four or 5 stores. And I can't afford the gasoline to go to four or 5 stores. So Joe Biden is hitting me and every possible way. And I think what all that's doing is we have to remember, African Americans are as pocket sensitive as Latinos or Asian Americans or for that matter, caucasians. And they're looking out there that say, it ain't working.

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