Is the Jan. 6 Committee Inducing Witnesses to Lie?


Now again, it's one thing if they're saying this now if there were feuding this now, but if they were a feud under oath, somebody's lying. And somebody needs to go to jail. And there's a broader question. I was talking to my good buddy, Steve gill. He's a great political analyst, and he's been doing this a very long time. He said, Todd, not only is somebody not telling the truth, it's very possible that some of the committee members may be suborning perjury. In other words, they are inducing somebody to lie under oath, and that somebody is Cassidy, Hutchinson. Now, you gotta work with me here. You saw her live testimony, but there was also pre recorded testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson. In other words, they had already interviewed her, so they knew exactly what she was going to say when the TV cameras came on, and this went boarded a border coast to coast across the fruited plain. So they knew this well in advance. These are no doubt these are explosive charges. I mean, if in fact this is true, you are dealing with a lunatic in The White House who was trying to hijack the presidential limousine and was literally attacking physically attacking Secret Service agents. I mean, that's insane. That's like a made for TV movie. If it happened. But I don't think it happened, but I think we all know it didn't happen.

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