Jim Harden of CompassCare Highlights Attacks on Pro-Life Centers


But right now I have the privilege of speaking with the founder of the CEO of compass, care, Jim, the reverend Jim Hardin, Jim Hart and welcome to this program. It's an R&B with you today. Eric really is. Well, you are really kind. Listen, you are one of those heroes out there. My wife ran a pregnancy center here in New York City for 12 years, it's called a veil. I know about this world. And the people who are involved in this, they're doing God's work any time anybody tries to bad mouth people, you know, who are on the pro life side of the equation. They have no clue what they're talking about. They really speak at a ignorance because folks like you, you're doing an amazing thing, truly heroic, beautiful stuff. But the reason you're on right now, Jim Hardin, with compass care, is because of what happened recently. You guys are in Buffalo. So tell the story of, first of all, what is compass care and what just happened to your facility in Buffalo, New York? Yeah, compass care has operations in three different abortion hub cities in New York. Because the abortion capital of the U.S. with more abortions occurring per CAPiTA basis than any other state in the union and we're expecting a significant influx of patients from conservative states now. Roe versus wade, reversal of his way, essentially, totally changed the abortion industry. And that means that patients are going to be coming to New York from the conservative states. So what happened in Buffalo was on June 7th, our facility was firebombed. By James revenge, they took responsibility for it in a communique. And they also had their signature scrawl in graffiti on the side of our facility that said, Jane was here. There's catastrophic damage to the facility. And we're going to take, it's going to take hundreds of thousands of dollars and many, many weeks to

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