We Must Thank Donald Trump for This Epic Moment in History


Roe V wade, ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, roe V wade, I want to say this very clearly and strongly, we know that we thank God for everything that's good. But God also wants to give thanks to people who do the right thing. And if you voted for Donald Trump in 2016, you did the right thing. Because Donald Trump, people said he's not going to follow through. They were very cynical. And I understand that. But it turns out that he followed through on his commitment to appoint justices who treat the constitution as it ought to be treated as originalists. And because of Donald Trump and because of his three Supreme Court appointees, we had a 6 to three ruling overturning row V wade. This is utterly historic. The only thing that it can be compared to is the heroism of Ronald Reagan, which resulted in 89 the Berlin Wall coming down in 91, the Soviet Union being disbanded. In other words, in our lifetimes, there are just a few things. Every number of decades, perhaps you will see something that is epochal, EPO, this is epochal.

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