The Immoral, Unethical & Illegal Things Merrick Garland Has Done


So using useful idiot Merrick Garland the most corrupt individual to ever sit in the attorney general's office to weaponize the DoJ The DoJ is a power to take your life and take your freedom It's a key Tenet of the three part plan to destabilize this place after they lost in the Supreme Court They will do this whenever they lose And the Supreme Court the presidency it doesn't matter Any critical election they will look to destabilize destabilize That's what the left does They want to break it and rebuild it in a top down authoritarian matter Now here's a good piece If you'd like to read is by John Daniel Davidson and the federalist It's called Merrick Garland's Department of Justice as a threat to the republic It's in my newsletter today if you want to check it out It is a wonderful piece It talks about Merrick Garland the useful idiot the left is always wanted in the attorney general office The attorney attorney general is always even worse than Eric holder It goes through the litany of things he's done The immoral unethical potentially illegal things he's done In that office to destroy and intimidate people and to make sure he is the enforcer and the bouncer for the Biden administration The list is long It's not in all inclusive one either First the protests at the homes of the Supreme Court Justice that are illegal It is unquestionably against federal law to do what these violent sometimes is something I should say sometimes violent The guy who showed up and wanted to kill Kavanaugh I think that's a pretty clear indicator of tendency towards violence based on some of his own statements that he made But these protests at the home are clearly illegal clearly Garland's done nothing about

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