Minneapolis Mom Confronts BLM Protesters After Apartment Shooting


Is showing up and is raging at these people protesting in front of her because her life was in danger They don't care one bit One guy actually yells you're still alive as if that was like oh yeah you're right You're right Got shot at by a dude me and my kids but you're right I have no reason to be pissed I'm still here I'm still I'm still standing after all this Maybe sing like an Elton John tune or something right She should be happy She should be happy about this She got shot at her apartment but she's still alive Here listen to what happens when this lady confronts these social justice warriors Check this out We're trying to do things Trying to kill me He tried to kill me in front of my kids He tried to kill me in front of my kids My black son is in the car Now again sense that's common Otherwise known as common sense You would say to yourself all right I'm protesting doing my BLM thing in front of this lady's house My antifa thing That lady just said to me he tried to kill me in front of my kids now to a sane person This is hard to talk about because I was like such a weird emotional roller coaster sometimes Isn't it even for me I didn't expect this to me that hard I already discussed it on the podcast He tried to kill me in front of my kids If you're a normal functioning sane human being with a cerebral cortex that cortex it works again normal human being would You would be you'd be floored by that You'd be stopped wouldn't you Imagine protesting in front of someone's house and a woman walks out and screams in your face You tried to kill me in front of my kids

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