Former Speaker of House Newt Gingrich on the Democrats' Midterm Plan


That I'm a little paranoid about though, mister speaker, and I talk about this openly on the program, is that the Democrats have some sort of plan for the midterms that we might not yet be gaming out correctly because I have so much respect for our opposition and how Machiavelli and they are and how they're able to use tragedy for their own purposes. What do you think their midterm plan is? Because up until recently, you know, as per your example of the Saudi Arabian visit, it seems as if they are enthusiastically accelerating over a cliff. Political consequences be damned, I suppose, what's your thoughts? Well, I think first of all, I help publish papers in the 1980s called the Grenada papers. When we liberated the island of Grenada, which spoke English, this was an island occupied largely by Africans living in the Caribbean with agriculture and tourism as there are two biggest incomes. And the communists took it over. And as the communists tried to impose communism, everything fell apart. It was a disaster. So we now know because this is how we got to the Grenada papers. Because everything they wrote was in English. So we didn't need to translate the State Department couldn't screw it up. And it turns out that the leadership of the Communist Party of Grenada, when everything was failing, would meet every Tuesday afternoon for a study group. And what they were studying was not supply side economics. It wasn't Milton Friedman. It wasn't Adam Smith. What they were studying was Stalin's writing. Now, you have a Georgian bank robber who becomes dictator of a country that covers 13 time zones, living in Moscow and really bad cold winter, being studied by African descended, Caribbean native native folks were looking around going, what should we do next? Well, what does Stalin think we should do? The reason I tell you this story is, when AOC gets in a room, she doesn't have any point of reference. But I mean, Biden's different. Biden doesn't have a point of reference because he's not sure what rumi said. But I guarantee you that Newsom Kamala Harris, barriers, other people, senator Warren, Bernie Sanders, who remember honeymooned in the Soviet Union. I mean, just ask yourself, a guy who is born who lives born in Brooklyn, but a guy who was living in the forest of Vermont. Besides to go on a honeymoon, does he go to the Caribbean? Does he go to the beach now? He goes to the motherland to the great forest of Russia from the forest of Vermont. I mean, this isn't true believer.

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