Pat Toomey: Joe Manchin Was Taken to the Cleaners


Joe Manchin who, as you know, last week, finally yielded to the pressure of the Democrats, he caved to Chuck Schumer, and has agreed on another massive spending bill. He made the rounds yesterday on all the Sunday talk shows. Trying to explain his position now, it's a tough one to explain. And some of them, some of his colleagues aren't buying it, for example, senator pat toomey. He's Republican for Pennsylvania, as you know. He criticized this new climate healthcare tax package that senator Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer unveiled last week after Joe Manchin decided, well, maybe I do like spending money after all. In an interview with face the nation, to me suggested that mansion was taken to the cleaners. In this inflation reduction act, now you remember that the very reason that Joe Manchin did not support the build back better program last year was because he said that he was afraid that additional federal spending would fuel inflation, which it will. We know that we've seen it. That's why we are where we are today because of the trillions of dollars in the name of COVID that Joe Biden and our federal government has spent. So you would think that Joe Manchin had learned from

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