Florida Diner Owner Richard Kline: I'll Serve to Everyone With Respect


I'm curious how has business been since this blow up? Well, I have gotten a lot of new customers that I never knew I had. Lost a couple of Democrats. But a couple that I did last, I saw one the other day coming back in for takeout. So he wasn't going too long, you know? I picked up a few people that had never heard of me that were conservative and so be it. Again, I'll serve everybody. It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican or independent. It doesn't matter. I serve good food and I served everyone with respect. I am the proud of my conservatism and that's just how I feel to be, you know? Well, I have to imagine maybe you'll get a visit from president Trump one of these days sort of in the neighborhood. Yeah, my neighbor. Now, I do have other guys I had his ambassador comes in. I used to have he passed away on this, which ten duper steams about three months ago he died. He was a White House chief of staff around Ronald Reagan at the end of his term. At the end of the 8th year, he was a regular. So the city diner is kind of become a conservative place hang out, if you will, you know? Nothing. I even have Sean Hannity coming in there from time to time. Is that a good guy? Well, yeah, I hope he leaves a big tip. He's a very humble good guy. He is exactly what he says. He's down to earth and very real. You know,

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