Please Support the 'Food for the Poor' Campaign


Me invite you to once again go to Michael line. Dot com, Michael line dot com. Click on the send food banner as we rush urgently needed emergency meals to thousands of displaced children and families around the world. When everything is ruined and their previous lives due to ongoing wars and other conflicts, when the plans are dreams of children forced to relocate as refugees are destroyed, food for the poor and their ministry partners, they report that the kindness of people just like you give kids and families hope. Listen to Andy Carr a spokesman for feed my starving children a nonprofit relief organization helping to distribute mills to some of these refugees children. Right now, the need is exceeding the supply. And the only way that we catch up with that is with the generosity of people stepping forward, making that contribution in whatever way that they can. And that will allow us to reach those people that are there right now, sheltered in place or ending up in a refugee situation. You're allowing us to respond to this and go further faster.

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