Advocates worry other rights at risk if court overturns Roe


While while while while the the the the Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court appears appears appears appears to to to to be be be be close close close close to to to to ending ending ending ending abortion abortion abortion abortion rights rights rights rights questions questions questions questions are are are are being being being being raised raised raised raised about about about about what what what what could could could could be be be be next next next next this this this this is is is is about about about about a a a a lot lot lot lot more more more more than than than than abortion abortion abortion abortion president president president president Biden Biden Biden Biden fears fears fears fears of of of of roe roe roe roe versus versus versus versus Wade Wade Wade Wade is is is is overturned overturned overturned overturned right right right right wing wing wing wing opponents opponents opponents opponents will will will will go go go go after after after after other other other other rights rights rights rights based based based based on on on on the the the the right right right right to to to to privacy privacy privacy privacy what what what what are are are are the the the the next next next next things things things things that that that that are are are are gonna gonna gonna gonna be be be be attacked attacked attacked attacked because because because because this this this this Mager Mager Mager Mager crowd crowd crowd crowd is is is is really really really really the the the the most most most most extreme extreme extreme extreme political political political political exit exit exit exit organization organization organization organization that's that's that's that's existed existed existed existed in in in in American American American American history history history history in in in recent recent recent American American American history history history justice justice justice Samuel Samuel Samuel Alito Alito Alito stated stated stated in in in the the the opinion opinion opinion that that that it it it applies applies applies only only only to to to abortion abortion abortion but but but a a a number number number of of of other other other rulings rulings rulings based based based in in in part part part on on on the the the right right right to to to privacy privacy privacy allowed allowed allowed married married married couples couples couples the the the right right right to to to buy buy buy and and and use use use contraceptives contraceptives contraceptives another another another overturned overturned overturned a a a Texas Texas Texas law law law that that that criminalize criminalize criminalize same same same sex sex sex intimacy intimacy intimacy and and and yet yet yet another another another decision decision decision legalize legalize legalize gay gay gay marriage marriage marriage several several several state state state legislatures legislatures legislatures controlled controlled controlled by by by the the the Republican Republican Republican Party Party Party have have have already already already passed passed passed bills bills bills aimed aimed aimed at at at barring barring barring transgender transgender transgender youth youth youth sports sports sports and and and health health health care care care others others others imposed imposed imposed restrictions restrictions restrictions on on on talking talking talking about about about LGBTQ LGBTQ LGBTQ issues issues issues in in in public public public classrooms classrooms classrooms Tim Tim Tim McGuire McGuire McGuire Washington Washington Washington

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