John Zmirak: The Left Is Acting Like a Cage Full of Monkeys


Hey there folks, welcome back. I'm talking to John smirke and the construction crew that is making this an impossible interview to conduct. John, I want to say what you said just before we went to the break. This is really important. Figure out who is speaking and support those people. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Johns mirac, Eric metaxas. You know, anybody that is talking about these things, what's that? Naomi will Steve Bannon, doctor Peter McCullough. Let's not forget yesterday's lies. Yesterday's crisis, which is the COVID lockdown. The left is tree is acting like a case full of monkeys throwing poop at the wall. And the poop of the COVID lockdown, they kept that up as long as they could. Kept us locked in our homes, our churches closed, our businesses closed. They tried to force the dead baby vaccine on our kids, they're still trying to force it on our infants, but because they stop hitting us over the head with a lead pipe. And instead, start to burn our leg with a soldering iron. We're supposed to forget about the lead pipe and the head. Right. The left is engaged in a multi front constant effort to take away our freedoms and subject us to an authoritarian state. Look at Canada. Look at Canada. Three months ago or 6 months ago, they were using mounted police to crush nonviolent demonstrators. And now they're going to seize all private firearms in the country. This is exactly how Lenin acted when he took over Russia. How Hitler acted when he soaked over Germany. Justin Trudeau is a burgeoning fascist dictator.

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