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Eric Adams is not happy about it David folk Thomas has the latest The New York Post reports Adams condemned the planned exclusion but stopped short of saying whether he might skip the event which is scheduled for Sunday June 26th in Manhattan A spokesman for the mayor says Adams supports inclusivity and says banning officers from marching in their uniforms is disappointing NYC pride organizers banned uniformed LGBT cops from marching last year amid growing anti police sentiment in the aftermath of the 2020 death of George Floyd And President Biden is invoking the defense production act to maximize the production of infant formula I'm Jim Forbes Actor Matthew McConaughey is returning to his hometown of uvalde Texas to help after an elementary school shooting McConaughey recently met with families and children who were impacted by the massacre representative Tony Gonzalez took to Twitter to thank the actor for helping the town heal McConaughey issued a statement following the shooting saying it is time for a quote true call to action against gun violence His statement said quote once again we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us and added we can not once again accept these tragic realities as the status quo California governor Gavin Newsom is receiving treatment after testing positive for COVID-19 Phil ferrar has the latest Governor Newsom says he's isolating working remotely after tweeting he tested positive for COVID-19 on this comes just ten days after he received a second booster yesterday Newsom met with New Zealand's prime minister to establish an international climate partnership besides rest his office says the governor will also take paxil vid to combat the virus I'm Phil ferrar Memorial weekend gas prices are at a ten year high The national average has reached $4 and 60 cents a gallon The highest prices drivers have seen in ten years The increasing cost of gas isn't stopping drivers though from hitting the road and triple-A predicts almost 35 million people will travel by car this weekend That marks a 5% increase from last year Gas prices are the cheapest right now along the gulf while on the West Coast gas is averaging over $5 a gallon and Top Gun: Maverick is the hottest movie out this Memorial Day weekend The hit sequel is expected to earn over $140 million over the weekend breaking the previous box office record set by Pirates of the Caribbean at world's end The film is part of the widest release ever showing it almost 5000 theaters worldwide

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