Charlie Receives a Tsunami of Emails About the Uvalde Police


We are getting a tsunami of emails, freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Every single person, except one who doesn't necessarily disagree, they're just trying to add a different kind of wrinkle to the argument is agreeing. That the police is one of these emails is just hello, Charlie, this story is infuriating to me 5 exclamation points. Police are trained to handle both armed and unarmed perpetrators. There was an all caps, no excuse for failure to act, fire these worthless swine. They're not worth the money or the respect of the citizens of the small town. The parents should band together and pursue legal action against all the cops present. Also get to who, if anyone, and the police brass prevented the cops from entering the school and at least minimizing some deaths, also if possible all the cops who were present, restraining the parents and doing nothing, otherwise should be punished. Shame the bastards. Can I say that on FCC? I think that's okay. I think that's one of the ones that's fine. Keep up the great work, Greg. Another one says this and I want to make sure I say this anonymously because they asked me to do that, but it's a pretty amazing email. Let me try to find this here. They work for a federal agency. Okay, I work for a federal agency. I can't say which, but we've done active shooter drills and our policies are getting inside and stop shooting as soon as possible. Not waiting for S.W.A.T., no waiting for backup, going fast and engage the gunman to the best of your ability. The police officers created a perimeter. They unintentionally I'm not saying they intentionally did it, but they're cowardice did help the shooter. The shooter got more time to be able to kill more kids because of what the police

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