Georgia Voters Set Record Turnout Despite Libral Lies


I am joined by Brian Kemp. He is governor of Georgia, just fresh off a crushing primary win two weeks ago when more than a 1 million 2 Georgians voted in the Republican primary governor Kemp one 70% plus. Meanwhile, over 1 million 200,000 Republicans voted, meanwhile, in the democratic side, Stacey Abrams ran on a pose and got 700,000 votes, maybe 7 27 looks good for the fall but governor Kemp takes nothing for granted. He joins me this morning. Good morning, governor. Congratulations. Hey, thanks. I would remind all your listeners out there. We had record turnout in voting in the Republican and the democratic primaries these and after Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden said our elections integrity act was going to suppress the vote over a year ago. I want to know if anyone from delta or Coke or Major League Baseball did the commissioner call up an apologize for moving the All-Star Game yet. No, I don't think we're getting the apologies, but we're not expecting those to just get to have the truth coming out and people writing about the turnout and I think it's great because my fellow George is out there know that their side has been lying about the bill and they're trying to hood weaken and I know what the truth is now and they know that Stacey Abrams pressured Major League Baseball and the players union to move the game and then she did in about face on that once you realize that wasn't a popular thing to do and that people actually support things like voter ID and increasing early voting opportunities on the weekend.

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