Remember When Dems Turned Paul Wellstone's Memorial to a Rally?


Remember Paul wellstone, minnesotans, I'm sure remember that. Paul wellstone politician in Minnesota who died big prominent Democrat. They had a memorial service for him. You know what the Democrats did? They didn't have a memorial service that turned it into a political rally. It was a beat up the Republican rally. That's all it was. It's unbelievable. The Democrats are capable of such garbage, but they are. And House Democrats, they were praising him. They're telling beta way to go. Proud of you. Your finest hour. And that is, of course, what led mark to say that he doesn't believe it will hurt the Democrats. It will, it will. Just like we must never forget election integrity, just what life we must never forget what the Democrats did in November of 2020 with COVID. We better never forget the behavior of the Democrats in May of 2022. Trying to use the deaths of these poor people in uvalde. And turn it into a crash, political campaign ad. For Robert Francis

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