This Is What Makes the Founding Fathers So Extraordinary


Natural reality that does not believe that there's an overarching design to our existence. You of course are talking about people that want to be God themselves. It's nothing new. We've seen it. It's somewhat predictable almost. When you see people that get into power, they themselves want to turn into deities. This is one of the reasons why the founding fathers were so extraordinary, founding fathers are worthy of study. There were examination where they perfect of course not. However, the founding fathers were exceptional and they were brilliant. You see the founding fathers after they won the war. Against the British Empire very well could have made the washiton, Hamiltonian, jacksonian monarchy. They could have subdivided America and made every state its own kind of feudal territory because that's all humans knew before them. Before the founding fathers broke away and won against Great Britain. One against king George, the people of America, they wouldn't have known any different. Now there was a grassroots desire for self government thanks to the strong biblical teachings of Wesley and mayhew Jonathan mayhew and Jonathan Edwards and whitfield. Thanks to the colonial preachers that laid the foundation, roger Williams, as well, that started the foundation. For when it ended up being the revival of self government, the breakthrough in time, the 4000 year leap forward. And because of all of that, the founding fathers that decided to go a different way. They might have had many shortcomings. But they didn't have a shortcoming where they thought they were God. I can't say the

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