Why Good Intentions Don't Matter


In the elevator coming up to my studio, I shared the elevator with, I would say a woman of about 40. Maybe 35. She was going to work on her floor and I was going to work on my floor. And she was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. A T-shirt with writing on it, a T-shirt that was clearly not even a dressy T-shirt if there was such a thing. Just a T-shirt. And baggy jeans. Going to work. I know that for at least half the society that is completely irrelevant. Unnecessary to even comment on. And at least half the society is wrong. Clothing is of extreme significance. It's a great example, great example. Didn't use it in the video, but I recorded a video for PragerU. I do it. What do I do with four times a year? About the irrelevance of good intentions. I don't know anybody who thinks they have bad intentions. The whole concept is useless. That's why that road to hell is paid with good intentions because everybody, including bad people, thinks they have good intentions.

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