Glenn Kirschner Feels a Trump Indictment Is Overdue


Glen, you just tweeted when the J 6 committee revelations about Donald Trump's crimes. It's time for the DoJ to indict Trump and his co-conspirators. I was saying at the top of the show being out with chairman Schiff last night, we were saying that I understand he Liz Cheney, Elaine Laurie, others, putting public pressure on DoJ. I think that's fine. And I know you're of the impatient crew like I am, but I'm just curious, you know, because other people point to, you know, whether it's the eastman, the Clark raids, as you just said, the Bannon indictment to say that the Justice Department is working. Where do you come down on this in terms of, I mean, are you saying when you say now you really feel like Trump should be being indicted now? Yeah, I think a Trump indictment is long overdue. I try to exercise patients because I appreciate you need to build the strongest case possible against a former president and his co-conspirators. But you know, I just did a piece for MSNBC daily and I said, look, at some point, it's great that you're involved in covert investigations, grand jury investigations, which are secret by law. You're doing things behind closed doors, but Steph, there comes a time when we have to see overt public law enforcement action, like when we have witness tampering, those people need to be arrested promptly and publicly one to neutralize that threat and to send the message of deterrence to others. The problem is, no one on team Trump is being deterred. Why? Because there's no overt public law enforcement action. That I fault the Department of Justice war. They need to start doing that now. I don't care if we don't see a Trump conspiracy indictment tomorrow. We need to see some of these people who are tampering with witnesses and destroying evidence. We need to see them arrested now, and then you build on that.

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