Thinking Big With Mike Cernovich


Mike, what do you have to say to some Republicans that are still kind of very focused on, let's just say non controversial issues, corporate taxes, regulatory reform isn't a lesson post roe versus wade being overturned now is the time for us to think big to go for the impossible. I mean, the conventional orthodoxy is that you're right, no one thought this was possible. We've talked about that over the last, you know, over the last week in particular, so where do we go from here? What is the ethos of the conservative movement be then? Well, the bank movement here culturally is that the Christians within the conservative movement were always looked down upon by real Republicans. They never really liked the Christians, they tolerated them to win. And Josh Holly had a profound observation because he understands that he's lived in both worlds, right? He's gone to elite law schools. He was, I believe, a Supreme Court clerk. He's traveled in both of those worlds, right? And he realized how looked down upon Christians are amongst all of these big business Chamber of Commerce. So called conservatives. So the lesson here is that the real Christians don't need the Chamber of Commerce people, right? You have to make an adjustment now of who has the power and I say that not as a negative way to abuse power, but you have to look at who actually matters and who doesn't. And these people who think that elections are about whether or not the marginal tax rate is going to be 18% or 15%. You're along for the ride with these other people. You're not the ones dictating the agenda anymore. So I think what you have to do here is you have to press the advantage hard and you have to remind these people, look, we did all this without you. We all remember the 2016

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