Greg Abbott Orders Texas State Police to Return Migrants to Border


Debbie and I were talking this morning about some interesting news. Well, a couple of separate items of news auto Texas. So let's talk about the first one. So Texas governor Greg Abbott now, I don't know why I can do this before, but he's ordered troops. The National Guard. That's about it for a good while. To deport illegal migrants. This is an example of the state taking action and I think I would recognize as it's called unprecedented action. But his point is, listen, there are laws. And the federal government is not doing its part. So you know what? Texas is going to step up. So I think it's a very good thing. It's a great thing. You know, this is very, this is a very bad thing. What these Democrats are doing, allowing these people to come in. It's very cruel for them, first of all, there have been so many of them that innocent people, mothers, children, whatever, die because of heat exposure, die because cartel kills them, whatever. It's very dangerous. It's human trafficking. Bar none, it is. It's done in hand in hand with the content. It is. And it's sanctioned by the Democrats and by Biden. So I think that what governor Abbott has done is an excellent way to deal with it. Now there's probably going to be some backlash. Well, the federal government is going to assert its authority and say, this is our job. This is a federalism issue. They always say that, but they don't do anything. They don't want to do anything

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