Is Justin Simmons the Best Safety in the NFL?


Number one, story right now at Denver fan dot com, you're looking at Justin Simmons voted league's best safety while Peterson wrote about that if you want to check that out on the website and fan dot com. It is Justin Simmons the best safety in the NFL or was he just voted the best safety in the NFL? You know, it's a great question. He's always, I think stoke really summed it up well when he said any given Sunday he can be the best safety in the NFL, but there are some guys, you know, there are some really good safeties in the NFL bayard comes to mind with the Tennessee Titans. If it's Patrick, make it Fitzpatrick is a really good place. There's a Berlin James Derwin James is an absolute that guy is a difference making. He's a beast. But again, he plays differently. He's down in the box, 90% of the time, or 80% of the time. So it's just the kind of it just depends. He's a different cat,

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