Palin nabs early lead in Alaska US House special primary


Initial vote counts have been released in Alaska's special primary for the state's only U.S. House seat I'm Ben Thomas with the first numbers The Associated Press has not declared any winners but the initial results show Republican former governor Sarah Palin with 29.8% of the votes counted so far Republican Nick begich has 19.3% while independent Al gross has 12 and a half percent and Democrat Mary peltola 7.5% Another Republican Tara Sweeney has 5.3% in a candidate whose name is Santa Claus a self described independent progressive democratic socialist had 4.5% 48 candidates have been running for the seat held for 49 years by the late congressman Don young the top four will advance to in August special election The election was conducted primarily by mail and election officials planned several days of ballot counts I'm Ben Thomas

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