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This episode is brought to you by our friends at topped how the best place to work as a freelancer or higher the top three percent the freelance telling for developers designers in finance experts in this segment on a jeff mazor my name is jeffrey mays earn i'm a top tell finance experts and jeff has a pretty awesome background for a freelancer boom i have a background both and finance and law and i have bombed i actually other cfa a and ajay day i've worked both in finance and as a practising lawyer for major law firms in new york washington and chicago boobs lashed jeff to share with differentiates top tell as a global talent network and the process he had to go through to ensure he can be trusted as a finance expert for top town differentiator i see between top kaolin some of the organisations that are comparable or try to offer a similar type of service is that the people who are part of top tell ever really gone through pretty extensive s screens so in my case for example i probably spent twenty hours of preparation and conversation then interviewing uh to make sure that i was the right fit for uh for top talent so what i offer and what other top tell finance experts offer is we offered just just really deep expertise in the areas that that we talked about so for example if you look at you know i ceos if you just to google searched were you went into another platform you look for ico experts ico coordinators ico finance experts you come across thousands of people i mean given the frothy this at the market enough levelled entrust the market your everyone's a finance extra right now in in the ico list but in in the case of top tell what they've really done is that they would've that you'd group vowed to come up with people who really are experts in the field so if you're looking to freelancer you're looking to gain access to a network of top industry experts in development designer finance at the top that i come until of out of the cheese they'll sent you that's.

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