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This strong middleclass tax relief but democrats say the wealthy get the biggest cuts and reminded us this individual tax cuts expire eventually while the business tax cut is permanent the house should vote tuesday with the senate likely a day later the senate would normally go first but they're hoping to give the extra time for senators thad cochran and john mccain to get back to work both men have been ill taxes camera line shy lay new accusation surrounding the russia investigation led by special counsel robert muller a lawyer for the trump transition team says muller's team inappropriately obtained tens of thousands of emails along with laptops in cell phones belonging to more than a dozen top transition officials once moller's team of team those items the transition team claims they were never informed that their property had been taken the attorney also complains that many of the emails or protected by either is it intial privilege or attorneyclient privilege in that mowers team admitted it failed to take appropriate steps to protect those communications says garrett tenny the allegations are laid out in a letter sent by the attorney to to congressional committees there's been no comment from the special counsel they're not just morning his death there are celebrating his life later in san francisco a memorial service will be held for mayor ed lee who collapsed in a grocery store last week at the age of sixty five house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator dianne feinstein are expected to be there in southern california a strong winds are driving flames toward homes in santa barbara the thomas fire which continues to grow is the third largest.

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