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Resistant to change and that's why they didn't go after chip kelly that's why my new york jets i'm just going to stu over the fact that they keep whipping on potentially great coaches good chip kelly 9'0 chip kelly than say new york ogd that media forget those jumps i get that but you're telling me todd bowles julie they better get josh mcdonald's in new york is just such a win for ucla colleges are innovative that's why would bill bellichik wants to spruce up his offense where does he go go look it up on the internet folks bill bellichik needs offense of tips he goes down to the college ranks hey chip what you got what are you what are you doing your innovative your new year fresh you're young what are you got the nfl you look at the product this year the at crap quarterbacks form ince's in boring offenses where's the innovation nfl somebody take a damn chance you don't take any chance ever get a get anywhere in life i don't want to always make it about me but i'm telling you i was so bitter working as a ink stained wretches at a newspaper make an peanuts i said i got to get the hell out of your man this is not for i met this girl was like super odd gradin everything obama i gotta land this chick and i'm here with make newspaper oh yeah i can't go out to us a kickoff ride in it i wake up a government school football game on saturday morning can you imagine what kind of life that is i got the hell out of there got to a magazine third website got lucky sold it for some money i'm out here in la on tv and radio you gotta take chances take chances nfl ucla just took a chance on gene this is a home run higher cut it.

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