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Cage right so he's he's flown in and they the famous seeing resign a hand truck and it's got the mascot early can't bite me one and he says loved the shoes a loved the suit hunter to the congress lady ever the governor so buried says here's a scene that they they might have shot but didn't use in the film but clearly it might have helped there uh before hannibal lecter arrives in that town to be put into the cage on the fifth floor the head of the police force gathers all the phillies could remember the police were guarding the building here it gathers all the police and he says okay as you all know the single most notorious living serial killer is coming to our fair city ernie exciting and they're going to put him in his age we've built larry and sam i want a single you guys out eat a terrific top build in ikeja earlier on the fifth floor we've taken everything else out on the fifth floor all there is up there is the cage and we're going to put it in that cage until we can bring him to trial and here's the thing uh i want hoodoo do i want to guard the cage at sea uh lewis and the carmichael you to it or a hundred police force yes standing in front of the richest foot to cut lewis as dr michael you to guard that cage to take your eyes off that medicaid or missed electorate don't go in the cage you know what though anything yet yet it not have enough time you know the slot you would put in a case like that you could slide the food it's rape through we didn't have time to build back in a hurry we just got news yesterday was com don't have time to pull the slot when you don't freedom you gotta go in the cage handcuffed to a chair whatever you have time to do that's fine just know you've got nothing to worry about because the rest of the police force of this city will be downstairs watched mad elevator.

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