President Trump speaks after Robert Mueller testifies, live stream


C. angel Ron candles here robber going to go live to the president this is unprecedented here on the a line or press or drop speaking out for the first time since the conclusion of the lower hearings today today the Republican Party our country there was no defense of what Robert followers tried to defend it offers Sir Robert Boller weather is performance was a bad one or a good one I think everybody understands that I think everybody understands what's going on there was no defense this ridiculous hopes his voice that's been going on for a long time pretty much from the time I came down on the escalator with the First Lady it's a disgrace what happened but I think that I proved a lot to everybody in fact some of my biggest opponents road things today that I would not believe that what I've read that I appreciate that they did that this is been a very bad thing for our country despite everything we've been through it's been an incredible years for our country the administration our president me we've done a great job we've got the strongest stock market the best unemployment numbers the most number of people ever working in the history of our country right now almost a hundred and sixty million our military's been rebuilt I'm getting even stronger we've done a great job and we've done it under this terrible phoning plowed a phony club that's all it was and they should be ashamed of themselves absolutely how do you know who knew what was a phony plowed more than anyone else who's in that blur and hello to see everyone of them they all know who is phony stuff you look at the polls the polls are showing it may be more than anybody else or anything else and I've had my best falls and I don't say why what people see what's going on in our country with this whole thing I've been going through it for three years for three years all nonsense this was a very big day for our country this was a very big day for the Republican Party I'd say it was a great day for me but I don't even like to say that it's great I'll tell you what I very much appreciate those incredible warriors if you watch the day on television Republicans that defended thing did something very powerful very important because they were really defending our country more than anything else they were defending our country but they were warriors and they've been warriors role long time and everybody you know it was a hoax is specially the Democrats I wish we could be a fly on the wall in those rooms with the Democrats would go in and talk before and after meetings and they'd be laughing and smiling I'd say can you believe the way getting away with this but in the end they didn't get away with it yeah there is no such a thing he didn't have the right to exonerate you know it's very interesting people mention exoneration that was something where you totally fall that because you know that the right to exonerate was covered very well by congressman Turner but still a conclusion we were take a look at the report be on the record take a look at what he said but what he was forced to say and even your network video network does for every one of these networks you know we had a couple of gauges actually we had about six stages where they all our representatives your network please don't comment that I we're not going to be doing much on a the reason they're not because it's over wikileaks is a hoax just like everything else and all of those problems having to do with for the biggest hoax of all was the what John John and when you saw Robert Maulers stay for the earlier statement that Betty yeah we did a correction later on in the afternoon and you know what that direction was I used you know why because you're afraid do you know one of the most of it is that you because you know what the totally corrected himself in the afternoon as you know that just as well as anybody I don't know whose senses weren't I guess his senses weren't because if you love the whole report you take a look at what they did some of the things that he didn't even know about some of the things you didn't even know what was going on but you know in the end what he did he actually probably came through for a self the performance was obviously not very good at a lot of problems but he showed more than anything else is that this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country I you know what the Democrats thought they could win an election like this I think they hurt themselves very badly for twenty twenty I don't know I really don't I don't know yeah good frankly whether or not it would matter to me because he did nothing wrong they did nothing wrong because it's so on a board it was always a very on a board meeting it was only a part of the fake news go ahead say that again your fate news in your right at the top of the list also let me just tell you not what he says is correct shouldn't correct correction we'll find out that's why people don't deal with you because you're not a not a border they are devastated the Democrats lost so big today their party is in shambles right now they've got the squad's leading their party they are a mess where even you take a look at subscribe and you take a look at so many of the people that were the most outspoken and they say this was a devastating day for the Democrats are you know John and everybody else does it this was a devastating day for the Democrats a very and very unfair question because if you look at his direction he took that totally out of place he made his decision based on the facts not based on some role so I would ask that question because you know it's a the Democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing and I think they're going to lose the twenty twenty election very big and thinking rational say it's because of the path that they chose who knows where it goes I from what I hear they're giving up but I I just say I know them too well they'll never give up they'll go back into the room and they're trying to figure something out this whole thing has been honestly it's been delusion illusion what the media television with other countries this has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think we're gonna win bigger than ever I'm going to West Virginia one of the great state as stated filling Hey look at percentage off I think it's number one or number two in the country and nobody would have believed that West Virginia is going great some going to West Virginia we did have a big case today you know we want this file okay in Washington which frankly you should be asking about that because that's the real deal I can't believe how nice you are going to go ahead give me a because we did nothing wrong nothing was done wrong this is all a big dog and if you look at it today nothing was done wrong now I believe what you're going to you're going to find a lot of things that were done very wrong but that's going on now that's something you have been writing about that has to do with the other side to do with the thing called the investigators let's see what I the traffic break here Donald Trump live at a chopper presser his reaction to molars testimony in front of Congress today rob Kendall filling engine for Jason hammer says trump says the dems are in shambles today that's a devastating for the Democrats to the Democrats are gonna lose the twenty twenty election that's including a congressional seat twentieth thank I'll tell you what he is a role

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