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A special edition of N._F._l.. Live on deck today at the N._F._l.. Celebrates one hundred season just six weeks away however we are just five weeks away in college. Football Opens It one hundred fiftieth the anniversary so today welcome N._F._l.. You were combining the two worlds to answer age-old question what college produces the best n._F._l.. Talent however I'm Wendy net sand Hutus here you know what's better to be on this panel our expert notice icy expert telling me when Lewis Minute of her panter on the list not on the House for back the quarterback guru he and his brother in a lot of N._F._l.. Games James A lot and Ryan Clark. You see the L. L._S._U.. They are ills college football. L. Is Jonathan Vilma bike. He will join US shortly. He happened to win a National Championship and Oh by the way a super bowl as well coming up on N._F._l.. Live will break down position by position which college produces the best quarterback Oklahoma has the number one overall pick the last two years we have the top ten plays all the N._F._l.. Superstars when they were in college and answering big question which school produces the best all time N._F._l.. Talent we had to ask the players themselves to kick things off. We're the first pick quarterback Oklahoma Viva say Oklahoma Alabama Clemson because proven it is one atop factory the Ohio state highest in Alabama. 'cause I never lost beat out. You really can't understand it into your inside. Sadness programming is all about the you for N._F._l.. Because of Georgia in every aspect but I think L._S._U.. CRESA environment of gray competition and guys is trying to feed off of IT University of Pittsburgh. You Got Dorset. Dan Marina you got Larry. Fitzgerald was not a me show. It's about having everybody involved in working for the Sandal clumps in would cushman he's been doing. He's making people believe everything is possible for House is the best our stop it. Stop stuff well. Let's start shall we with the most players from each college currently in the N._F._l.. Alabama leads the way with V with sixty five players players followed by Ohio state in second place with fifty eight so we're going to debate these schools I in terms of who is best at producing N._F._l.. Challenge here's a tale of the tape on Alabama at Ohio state success since the two thousand draft folks tools I have had thirty one first round picks the most of any school while the Buckeyes have thirteen more total picks in the last twenty drafts but Bama's players have been slightly more successful in the league producing three more pro bowlers than Ohio St Louis Rick. Let's start with with the crimson tide. They're starting eleven if you will offense and defense current N._F._l.. Talent there's any question that these are both very impressive lineups that if Alabama can roll these teams out there right now now. I think they'd win a few games without a doubt. If you look at the offense aside outside of the ball the first thing that jumps out of these starting eleven are the two wide receivers look Julio. Jones is one of the finest athletes in the N._F._l.. For guardless of position he's in the news right now because he's about to get a new contract extension and he's really one of the he's one of the transcendent players at the position that this game the scene Amari Cooper the same way. When Amari came out of college? I remember doing his tape in thinking point honestly as far as catching one pet and run wide receiver. I hadn't seen one as good as him as him. In a long long time on the defensive side look they have fine players throughout the eleven here really that when you get to the secondary and you guys like Eddie Jackson Landon Collins I mean these guys are disband tastic players on the front dont`a hightower our multiple time superbowl winner. These are great great players right here. Make our way to Columbus shower of the to Ohio state you go to the offense side of the football. Look the first thing that jumps out without a doubt as Ezekiel Elliott because if he's not the best running back in the N._F._l.. He would be considered a top three running back in the N._F._l.. Wide Receiver Michael Thomas Really someone who was unheralded coming out of college. He's a tremendous tremendous. Pro will probably be the highest paid wide receiver in the N._F._l.. In short time then move over to the defensive side of the ball this this is where really this football team really kind of jumps off the board starting up Front Joey Bosa Cam Hayward those are two of the best defense alignment in the N._F._l.. Right now and then when you look down there at the Secondary Malcolm Dyson Dinkins Denzel Ward Marshon Lattimore doesn't let's get much better than that. All right Jonathan Vilma made his way again surly qualified to weigh in on this discussion. Look I mean there's a shortage of talent with either of these squads. It's almost ridiculous factory and a lot of ways both of these institutions but let the debate again a Ryan Clark. You can't pick L._S._U.. Just yet but when you look at this group what stands out L._S._U.'s better than both of these things we're gonNA get to that. We're supposed to be talking outlets. Let's be honest. There's amazing players. Neither one of them have a quarterback right before proven yet though little I mean why don't we always have to see something first before we can get you well Ray Richardson running back right you saw God compare that with you why time gentlemen we're GonNa play Nice Got Ninety minutes ago. You're the Glenn Difference from every other position that we're looking at okay fair enough now back to you Louis. It is a production results oriented industry. Is it not so it is fair to say seeing something. Does one believe they'll be success won't sure but I mean we're we'll see this is kind of like a combination of what they have done in college. What some of these guys have done in the pros in some of it's a little bit of projecting about what they're gonNA continue to do in the pros? That's how I'm going to expand it to that all right so at quarterback quarterback Dwayne Haskins I believe right now. There's no comparison as far as I don't care what A._J.. McCarron did it Alabama cows tape. Those Wayne has close exact Haskins is going to be a fine football player. What's going to happen to him? Really is going to be more predicated on what Washington redskins overall due to him then what he does to himself. I firmly believe that as far as these rousers overall look the wide receiver position Julio Jones Amari Cooper. Julio Jones's the standard if you go and look N._F._l.. For an offices and look in their scouting books books every team has a standard at every position that they put for scouts the suit for as far as whenever when their scouting people polio is going to be on that list for for many many teams he's about as good as it gets so skill positions at Alabama are awesome. The defensive players at Ohio State is what stands out for me as far as their front seven is concerned particularly their defensive line and their secondary Denzel Award Marshon Lattimore. You tell me a team that wouldn't take those two young men right now and startled. Let me ask you a specific question since you spend some time as an analyst watching these players at the collegiate level if you had to choose either of this group Alabama Ohio state who's players really got better or who took a bigger step forward than you anticipated when they got to the N._F._l.. Out To you to dance your last part no neither standout. They're pretty equal because watching these guys watching Jonathan Allen he played okay well Dante. I'll tell you knew who is going to be tremendous player defensive player C._J.. Moseley's same thing and then you go to the other side and you look at Joey Bosa Nick Bosa Darren like Malcolm Jenkins. I play with Malcolm Jenkins in in New Orleans knew he was going to be a study. He's Philistine but what is surprising how fast or House they defense is. I did not realize how fast defensive you think big ten you didn't big Brawley guys not so fast but these guys can move joey. Bosa also can move nick volks in Darren League. We know the Burner Malcolm J. Denzel War March. I mean that is a very very talented athletic fast fast defense. I thought I was going to jump in your rookie. I think that's a great question Wendy about as far as what teams teams have players that have gotten better pros. You look at Ohio state this look at their offense. In particular Michael. Thomas was a good wide receiver to hire Stayton. He's fantastic now. He's GonNa be highest paid wide receiver in the N._F._l.. Andrew Norwell most people wouldn't even know Andrew Norwell well what from Andrew Doorbell he right now just judge Moore Norwell can't open open some N._F._l.. Spectacular and even on the defensive side of the ball. I didn't think Marshon lattimore. I've liked Marshon Lattimore at Ohio state. I didn't love Marcet. He has taken his game to another level as well in the really own Alabama side you know how I feel about Alabama I feel nick and what he does and how he builds his program but really focus on their offense align that was just look okay and think about that question. Wendy Wendy asked how many players have gotten better how many have continued to improve Andre Smith may have his best days at Alabama. Dame's carpenter has really been good pro Brian Kelly the jury still out he could be a he's a good player. He's GonNa play already in Indianapolis D._J.. fluker was he ever ever really that guy that dominant guy no. He hasn't been Cam Robinson. Have you seen story so it's interesting because they're preventing people have been many people who've hit Alabama and said they get the best out of their players at Alabama. Maybe it's good discussion legal where people go by what teams there drafted so we look at Michael Thomas he falls into a place where he needs an accurate passer and he's one of the most accurate passers all the time also about the place you land in ashore and how they develop you ask Josh Rosen he absolutely he knows that all too well. I ten Hasselbeck. The whole point of this is to pick one of our producers here a little bit we talked. I'm going Alabama mainly change quarterbacks. Yeah I think looks great point about the offensive line at Alabama because so many of them when you look at them just in terms of body type you're like Oh my God look at those guys body type wise but like I don't know that some of those guys have come in and be like Oh and they got a whole lot better. We're obviously splitting hairs here on this ongoing Alabama Lewis Sorry Nick. Oh from a hustle change your mind or did you stick the way said one because I don't care if between Haskins hasn't played. I think he's I think he's in the saints. Stratosphere is A._J.. McCarron so I like that I liked it their offense of line one of the things that talked about how they develop those guys on the defense aside but they're fun four plus their secondary this going with them Ryan Clark you have to pick one while I was brought here for one reason in one reason only when the Knicks because everyone knew it my answers it would be and what Tim Hasselbeck has proven is. You don't need a quarterback. That's really he's GonNa be Ohio state in Alabama that don't have quarterbacks guess what we don't need a quarterback back and by the way you don't want our first off was good enough for Bill Belichick your boy to draft him as Tom Brady's heir-apparent draft. We thought they they went to L._S._U.. Because this guy has what they decided to we throwing the ball all around the field Andrew Whitworth he's played a thousand years. There's a Guy Jerry go look at the Neil hundred may has like negative two percent body fat Michael Broncos out. There aren't key. We gotta wait on them but it's are are you at the back of position. That's all we got mad. I gotTa get here all even have to work conviction when you spoke scissors. I'm sorry I just so tim. I love your twenty. Two question your toughness Whoa West I've seen because as you know what fair enough he's at Alabama alum landon dare you wait into the circus that we've created. But what do you have to say about this. Whole debate ain't Ryan got some good good good stuff going on say? I wouldn't question his toughness at all. I don't know why you questioned Ryan toughness. I saw him not got a lot of Alabama's always number one no matter Corolla tyrod. Let me ask you a serious question. You know obviously nick. Sabin is a hall of Famer one of the best ever coach this game but specifically what does he do that has allowed such historic success at the university. Steve Alabama <hes> as a coach he speaks for as a coach. He represents his players as players coach. I would say he makes all this coach. All the players are on the him as a player as a father <hes> <hes> and as a as many tried to teach us they'd be a man and a great play all at one time you know so he does it all leading. Can you please tell the people why you are now better that you have trusted your career training with the guy from L._S._U.. Hey right you agreed trying to grow been gone on gone for years

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