Police Commissioner James O'Neill Goes Quiet After NYPD Officers Doused with Water


But we start with the situation in which a number one the police commissioner of New York City o'neill as cops are under siege has not been heard from sheen his last statement of any note was a tweet he did about the passing of Robert Morgan saw that was Sir Gee that was towards the end of the weekend and he is out of sight out of mind everybody's wonder how can we honor from the police commissioner about these attacks on the police okay once again Curtis you have been on the streets you understand you know the cops you know various politicians in very city leaders what do you think is happening here with why are we not hearing from o'neill I think it could be one of three things Hey he said odds with the mayor on this so he's just biting his lip and he sent out his his means to address this Terence morning and who is the head of patrol this is what he had to say we will identify who is involved in a rational be made with that is not acceptable how many women were out there keeping people safe and the two arrests have been made one of Brooklyn one in Manhattan where the two water don king situation to the N. Y. P. took place have a what are the charges well they put out a a flyer and I had a laugh at it because the headline of the flyer is wanted for obstruction of government administration right which is which is a B. S. charge and I know it's a B. S. charge because whenever the cops wanted to harass me an arrest me they couldn't figure out a charge the look to sergeant Sarge would say one of the structure of government administration and I would see what the hell does that mean well give me an example of what you had done to receive that charge standing in front of a police officer questioning him his it far do you to do what he was doing which was trying to lock me up exchanging words it is the it is a charge with you going to court generally the judge looks at the assistant district attorney dependent on the Berlin says you're kidding me is this is all you got on the guy anything he says it cut him loose that said he was held open not cut him loose time Sir did have a lot of you stay out of trouble so they've arrested this one person who was allegedly a gang member who is seen dumping a bucket of water and we don't know if this is going to be a serious charge or not serious when I was in any gradations of a soul I mean this assault this is also in the video in Harlem not only with a dousing the cops will water when they were making a bona fide address and they had the guy down on the squad car you know on the hood of the squad car but the guy came up and then hit him with the plastic the the plastic bucket yeah that's a soul I mean I I don't understand this but then again it's gotten so bad with the missing in action nature of police commissioner o'neill they now you have heads of the union saying you know nearly been a lap dog for the mayor who's responsible for this maybe it's your time to goal Sayonara and is another back in the mayor the rank and file has lost confidence in them and it's time that you resign I think in the interest of the department it's time to go I mean I I I I I don't know what else what else could be done at this point I think that it seems to me and I've spoken with some of my friends who are police officers here in New York City actually right around here right around the precinct here and they have no they have absolutely no faith in o'neill and they also feel that their lives are being put in danger because of the situation but they blame at least the ones that I talked to ultimately build Lazio yeah but it's o'neill who should be visiting the precincts affected building up to around saying Hey look him maybe some cops and not ready for prime time they're not ready for the streets but I gotta tell you we got your back even ease been missing in action now could he be hill could he be undergoing an operation the likelihood of that is probably not because he won't he would be hearing something about yeah I think or could he be on vacation with his family which would really really be an embarrassment to suddenly not have anything to say it's a police commission or the most powerful well trained police department in the world and you'll like missing in action well unfortunately let's say that he is on vacation we have no idea this would be a situation where you are paid you are you are given the responsibility of being the in charge of the biggest most important most critical police department in the world world and come back from vacation and you would have thought that the mayor with the state in New York City yesterday because this has become such an explosive issue in he was aware Washington DC campaigning for the presidency he had the hoods he had the goal to try to **** rushes way into that press conference and announce with Jon Stewart and some of our elected officials that finally the nine eleven victims compensation bill named after hours had passed you mean this is the same guy that just chose to go and get a Cup of coffee at Israel his favorite little ad copy clutch place in park slope after he worked out instead of going to the event where they dedicated a some certain set a certain area by one world trade that's that's unbelievable and children to her credit said now you have nothing with this let you in he said I don't want to speak well okay you don't want to speak of the mayor of New York City the mayor of New York City is getting

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