Italian police officer, allegedly slain by Americans, mourned. Suspects In Custody.


Two American teenagers are accused of killing a police officer in Rome one of the teen scene Adeline folded and hand cuffed inside the police station before being questioned by police now wouldn't it it was a mistake to cover his always like this eighteen year old gave the Tolly jewels and nineteen year old for the good elder would taken in for questioning to tell you please say the two Americans confessed to stealing a backpack in an alleged drug deal gone wrong security footage showing the two suspects fleeing the scene attended with the fatal stabbing of newlywed officer Mario church yellow rega the teenagers metal school in San Francisco Gabriel traveling every year with his father to visit his Italian grandfather his friend joining him on vacation just a few days ago police say they were demanding a hundred euros and a gram of cocaine to return the bank they'd stolen two plainclothes policeman was sent to respond and that's when ray got a thirty five year old officer was stabbed eleven times police say they apprehended the man at the hotel while they were preparing to leave the country investigators say they found overwhelming evidence in the room including the supposed murder weapon concealed behind one of the ceiling tiles as well as bloody clothing elders neighbor back his home stoned by the accusations and since she was born and I'm in shock the nicest guy elders family telling ABC news they haven't heard from the sun in three days adding as any parent would be would deeply concern for us some of the Halton by the expressions of sympathy and support from our friends and neighbors this is a community mourns slain police officer now being hailed a

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