Meghan Markle Is a Guest Editor for British Vogue


Meghan Markle is in the news and for kind of a cool reason she has revealed what she's actually been working on for the past seven months she's had a secret project that no one's known about and it turns out she will be the September issue of the British vogue she is the first ever editor in a guest editor basically they're calling her guest editor in chief and so the September issue of every fashion magazine is the biggest issue of the year and so British vogue is of course no you know no different and so she has it should be it's called forces of change and it features a guy a candid conversations between Meghan Markle and a lot of different women that she's interviewed including former First Lady Michelle Obama and she said these last seven months have been a rewarding process curating and collaborating and with British vogue's editor in chief and to take the year's most read fashion issue and steer its focus to the values causes and people making impact on the world today and it's kind of an interesting mix of people this is the first time this has been done in the one hundred and three year history of British vogue the Jane Goodall is interviewed by prince Harry in this in this issue there are a group of actors models politicians authors advocates for for everything from diversity in mental health to climate change voting rights things like that there are also articles written by Bernie brown of course is blowing up all over Instagram right now and on on Netflix people love while listening to her and and motivational speeches Jimmy alleged meal there a lot of others Christy Turlington Salma Hayek lots of names and faces that you'll recognize some that you won't but on the GI Jane Fonda is also listed in there too but lots of inspiring women and that's kind of like the whole focus of it really is just to have all these women highlighted in the magazine in in in a non fashion non model kind of way of a writing background you know Victoria and all that she did for she had a she had a blog that called the Taig and apparently I I wasn't I was not aware of who she was until she started dating prince Harry because I didn't watch suits but apparently she had a cult following on her blog and she would write about food and travel and all kinds of things and and when she shut it down which I guess the the past the Royals mater mater shut it down when she started when she got engaged to prince Harry so this is the first project that she's done that sort of very public like I would make that is just out of put yourself in their room like a fly on the wall somebody who though says the you we don't think it's a good idea to the prince himself say that some now by the protocol Corum or whatever it is huge you know medium medium that you know is in charge of all of that and it makes sense you can't really at I think would be cool if the princess had her own blog where she posted her personal style reliance diaries

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