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CNN is covering quote devastated children without parents after immigrant rates it appears that in Mississippi there were two hundred seventy five illegal immigrants working at a chicken processing plant and the ice may I use the term rated went into the plant with warrants and arrested a whole bunch of illegal immigrants many of whom had already deportation orders against them some were simply working illegally and CNN is covering the story is a circumstance where children are left without parents were taken into ice custody now I don't know about you but normally if you commit criminal acts and your in custody you lose custody of your children normally that's the way it works what we were in a country where kids do not go to prison with their parents this is a normal circumstance Hammond accounting Kenton county switch one county Clermont county Butler County one mothers and fathers who are criminals go to court to be sentenced they normally do not bring their children with them and if they do the judge will say separate the child from the convicted criminal going to jail and then somehow the system has foster care which is a broken down system completely in order to care for the child until order is restored normally when you engage in personal criminal miss behavior the consequences of that it might be separation from your children one might say don't engage in the behavior in the first place in which case ought to worry about but that's not the way scene and cover something this is about trump and not cracking down on illegal immigration which he is but he's following the law Democrats passed these laws in Obama and Schumer a few years ago sounds exactly like trump today when discussing illegal immigration the Democrats wanted to build the walls the Democrats wanted to export illegal criminals from our country the Democrats sound alike trump today see everything is failed with this guy the ability bush access Hollywood tape failed the media coverage of them failed in October November of a twenty sixteen the Russian collusion delusion failed you then had to call me that failed then Mahler's testimony heck that failed now it's on to racism and if that doesn't work then they have guns in which the president is taking the position of the Democratic Party until very recently on not matters of illegal immigration in fact in twenty oh nine and twenty ten up to January fifth of twenty eleven the Democratic Party for the first time in sixty years had complete control of the Congress and the presidency something Republicans have not had since the nineteen fifties even though Republicans control the house and the Senate unless you have sixty votes in the Senate you control nothing for two years nine and ten the Democrats had a sixty vote majority in the Senate control of the house and the presidency they passed no significant legislation whatsoever about guns or immigration to keep those issues alive to use as culture was against Republicans the only thing they fax or what it was a bomber Kerr and that was an unmitigated disaster the drew up that that flew the prices through the roof on premiums and deductibility as and so don't tell me the Democrats want to solve problems if they did they were to solve them they'd rather have the issue to keep power rather than solve a difficulty let's continue with

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