Kirsten Dunst shines in quirky 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida'

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Really might enjoy on becoming a god in central florida on showtime. It's a dark comedy about multilevel marketing schemes which does not necessarily sound like the most sexy of story lines but it's actually very well handled and kirsten christon done stars and is quite wonderful. I would expect that she is going to be in any conversations or at least golden globe conversations for this one and i i think when it's funny and kind of quirky outlandish. I think it works fairly well. When it becomes a little bit more serious it becomes a more conventional anti-hero crime thing that doesn't interest me as much so as i've told people when it's actually humming and moving along it feels a little bit like a female centric breaking bad with a pyramid scheme twist when it gets too dour and bogged down in its own stuff. It feels a lot more like ozark but if you happen to love ozark you might like either variation of

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