Milo Ventimiglia talks his new film 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'


This. This is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie out right now that it's gonna make you can make you cry. It's going to make you laugh and it's called the art of racing in the rain. I mean it starts my guest milo ventimiglia welcome to the show happy to be here. Thank you and what you've done. Montmelo is broken. All the rules that actors are always told never to you. Don't work with animals with kids here you are and there i am happily and you just said i don't care what you say. You know. This is what made you are. You just yourself a major dog on <hes>. I mean for me. This wasn't a role that i was afraid of. It felt like something that i slash we as an audience needed. It's a human story. It's a story about a good father story about a good husband sure about a lovely family that is teaching their dog enzo the life lessons in needs to imprint it so that when he becomes a human in his next life. He'll be ready to be a good person he does want to be. He doesn't want so badly so badly what he wants wants curses himself for being dog and moments when his instinct is giving him insight to what this family is going through but he can't speak it. He can't say he just sit back and let things happen. So you have a dog yourself. No no no even like them. Love dogs okay. You said that i think we'd have to end the bucket out. The door wouldn't even give you the pop. That's maybe one of my way. Also this dog ends named after into dr a sound suspiciously like kevin costner very much so i won't even say might be kevin costner. He was here a couple weeks ago. I'm still hearing would what a what a lovely lovely coast or that. I never got to work with so you're not hearing on the set while you're doing this. What we're hearing in the audience know much like you. You know one is hearing with the dogs actually thinking there's no talking dogs in this. It's it's all the inner monologue of this dog as he's talking to himself telling the story story to himself of this family of this man but yeah no. I didn't hear anything i kind of our script supervisor and our our director simon curtis they would talk amongst themselves they would she would read <hes> enso's dialogue and simon. I'm kind of pause me and okay now. Hold on please and then i'll just be interacting with the dog you know and then he'd say okay and action and then i resume my lines or dialogue log on to where we needed to anything so i wasn't actually here in any kind of voice. Your thoughts are what what are the perils and the joys of working with a dog as the scene partner. You have to basic. I mean one. They're gonna steal the scene from me because i mean they're hand sorry. They're beautiful. They're there there you know you've been called all those things but still yeah they do with their with their with their tongues out in the tail's wagging you haven't tried that one yet avenue but because their animals you know you have to respect that their animals and take time and be patient with what they need to learn what they need to do. Repetitive over and over and over again not distract them feel like people can be distracted but yet we can handle a lot on our plate at any given time animals it was task at hand walked them there to their pick up some popcorn or lay down whatever it is is hold the remote and its mouth so it was a discipline of patients to just make sure that myself trainers were communicating and that i was given the dogs but they needed an intern. Instinctually they gave me what i needed which was a scene partner and that that was what was so special about our two dogs about parker and butler was what they were doing. Instinctually who they were was remarkable but i would also i would talk to the dogs like people like just you know not really full voiced that uncertain moments i'd have to crouch down and whispering to parker's ear hotel what was would say hey. We're gonna do this scene. I'm going to be a little stress but i love you. Kid don't worry we're fine. Don't tell me don't let yourself yourself. Get agitated. Just just stick with me at the end of it. I got a nice chicken. Treat for you yeah well. What made you not a dog owner sanjay. I want to do this movie. It was beautiful human story. You know what i saw. Again was a good man. <hes> living a life that was in many points of it difficult challenges obstacles real life stuff that was just constantly constantly hanging on him and i saw his heart and his determination to get through all that and do it for those that he loved. I loved. I loved the message behind that caring for the people that you really love and that fills you up well who can argue with that it also who oh can't relate to that. That's the thing that i also loved about. This felt like an extension of my t._v. Show this is us felt like something that everybody can draw raw from. Everybody can connect danny. Everybody can connect to eve everyone can connect to to <hes> enso's point of view. It just felt very relative. Tive who had you played that we can connected to who was the rat bastard in your career played a couple aw played one <hes> in a movie called wildcard. Jason statham the son of a mob boss who got away with the worst behavior. <hes> <hes> played <hes> the villain at the end of the second season of gotham t._v. Show he was a <hes>. He was a killer <hes> and play some pretty dark guys. Is that enjoyable to you too. I think everyone that i play short of that. That movie wildcard enjoyed that guy. I just really didn't like i didn't like putting on the character just didn't like any of it but for me it's they're all different sizes of humanity and i always feel like there's something to learn and and something to display people whether you're inspired to be good or showcasing that we really can't be this inhumane well sometimes by showing showing that in humanity you're you're also revealing something about sure us in the audience about what we don't wanna be exactly which is a good thing to it's one of the great things about being an actor does is that you can have that yeah and speaking about good at what you do. Congratulations third emmy nominations to the <hes>. This is us and season four coming in yeah. I'm already two episodes in just tell us what happened in the first to the next sixteen all of them yeah oh man should know so. Can you actually tell us how thing no i mean. I could say it's going to be great. I know really right in line with everything that this is us has done from seasons one to two to three the formula hasn't changed <hes> <hes> the pearson family feels like we're getting even deeper and deeper and deeper into who this family is who these people are as individuals in it you you know <hes> it's really just it's a joy to work on. I've had i've had a really amazing couple years going from that. Show this film and yeah. I'm <hes> i'm really lucky. It's fascinating to me because i remember also seeing you in rocky balboa woah yeah we're still alone is your father and that he has those speeches where he's basically you. You know talking about fatherhood what it is doing but then win season to this is oh yes like came. Flight comes on doing a scene with kevin yeah in a movie that he's doing talking about you. Who's gon who's his sons but also his his is his <hes>. He was his <hes> his hero. Yeah i mean i what i have had the first conversation with sly about joining the show and i pretty much told must i explained his part of it. You know inspiring a younger actor and his how he was my character. Jack's biggest onscreen hero and i basically told him i said all of that couldn't be closer to the truth as a younger actor i note it was like to be on set with you and dan to to just watch listen and learn what he was up to and what he was able to accomplish and i applied that to my everyday working process as an actor but then also from the character's point of view like he was my onscreen here on mike well yes lie was my onscreen hero to you know so. I don't know maybe a lot of flattery got him but also i mean you know his involvement with our writers and writing collect like coming together to share his his voice and what he wanted to tell of being playing himself. I don't know that he's ever played himself in the show but it was yeah you got a good day. You had a good time. He told me he goes a really good day so really good data good data. Yeah well the the two of you have. There's some similarities. People people think that i'm actually his son. Yeah yeah sure just go yet to do it well. You always say that you have this crooked matt do so where does that come from. Just i was born that way. I don't know where it comes from or what what got broken on the way way out but <hes> but it's definitely crooked i used to i used to talk out of the side of my face like this audience and i really didn't realize it until i was thinking might have been a teenager and i saw a local news channel interview or something and i was really struck by how crooked my mouth was when i spoke and so i remember sitting down in front of a mirror and reading reading and trying to catch what words made my mouth very very crooked and in doing that i figured out how i could kind of level it out a a little bit and it gave me kind of lazy speech pattern so now people don't quite know where <hes> from because of my lazy speech pattern because i'm trying to correct my crooked mouth but i don't know it works it is it's all kind of working. I think so i mean but did did it. Intimidate you when you were starting out doing. I said you have like moments. Have how am i gonna do this audition. <hes> where people cruel as people in hollywood can be yeah i had a i was in a castle one time how to cash or say hey could you. You just stopped doing that thing. You're doing with your mouth because you're doing a thing with your mouth and i go. You know what i was born that way and i just stared at all. I'm sorry i'm like no you're not and then i did the thing and i didn't get the part but it was like that was me that was me. I feared playing a vampire because you know vampires when they play vampires like they open their mouth. The big thing was going to go to the side and i thought seles or if i was like you know now. I've some wearing a masters. There's like there's a dead giveaway.

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