Suspend, disbelief: Parliament and Brexit


Pressure is rising in the battle between britain's prime minister boris johnson and his opponents in parliament among the british people and even in his own conservative party today. The popular head of its scottish branch ruth davidson announced her resignation yesterday. Mr johnson sparked outrage by announcing suspension of parliament for five weeks. The closure drastically shortens the time lawmakers could use to try to stop britain leaving the european union without a deal on october. The thirty first the response from opposition politicians was furious. I think today will go down in history as the u._k. Democracy died pharmacist doing <music>. Ceuta smashing crab on democracy not forced through no deal exit from the european union last night. Thousands of people gathered outside parliament to protest against what many described as a coup isn't even elected just warns it by by some cross the ozorio members in his abusing all democracy worshiping palmdale so him and his rich friends can push through bricks disgrace who he's using a system system of parliamentary power to ultimately ride free brexit and i think that's the president the prime minister claimed this was a normal way for a new government to behave before setting out its plans for the country in a speech given by the queen but many think the circumstances are different this time. I think what boris johnson is doing in suspending parliament is legal and the constitutional but it is clearly also cynically aimed at shortening anytime that m._p.'s might have to try to do something to stop an ideal brexit on on october thirty first. Tom pete briggs editor. He's suspending parliament for an unusually long time. <hes> and i think the only reason for doing that is to minimize is the chances that m._p.'s have of legislating or finding some other means to stop britain crushing out on october thirty first. If it weren't hamstrung by this how would parliament. I want to go about doing that. Peace plan is to try and pass legislation which after all is monroe <hes> they did something similar in march when they passed whilst legislation against theresa may's wishes to oscar to seek an extension of the brexit deadline and they will try and do this again starting next week but how would that play out in practice. It's difficult to predict what will happen in in the house of commons but the speaker john berko is clearly very much on the side of m._p.'s who wants want to be given the chance to stop an ideal brexit. He believes an m._p. Should have say before. Britain leaves the european union so i think what will what he's likely to happen is that he will commit an emergency debate. The emergency debate will be used to try to craft a bill that will the demand that boris johnson brussels to seek more time whether there is sufficient parliamentary time to pass that bill into law is is an open in question it could pass the commons but it also has to post the lord's and there are very few sitting days in which this can happen so i think it will be a race against time to get this legislation through a race against time made radically worse by by suspending parliament in the first place i mean we've talked before about how much mr johnson may or may not actually want to crash out with an ideal you you. You've said it might just be a negotiating tactic to to to look tough yet. This looks like he just simply wants it now. I think he's doing things he wants is to send a message to brussels and other capitals that n._a._t._o. Brexit is a real possibility and that he is going to do his up based to stop m._p.'s m._p.'s including m._p.'s from his own party from frustrating it. He also wants to send a signal to akers of the of nigel rogers brexit party that he agrees with them and he's doing his best to deliver what farraj calls clean brexit what other people call nato brexit whether he really wants a nato brexit i think is not quite mike clip because he's always said that he prefer he would prefer to leave with a deal but given the time constraint it look increasingly likely that it could end up being a native brexit exit to do you think that he has made good faith efforts to try to get a deal struck i think when you went to berlin and paris to meet leaders and then met the began the group of seven summit in in biarritz they were impressed with the view that he genuinely wants to try to sort a compromise that would pass parliament against that they think his dimond which is to remove completely the backstop that is designed to prevent there ever being a hard border owed with ireland is

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