Trump defends tweet, says congresswomen have said 'horrible' things


There's war of words going on in Washington and president trump in case you didn't no has tweeted out this new has put out sees new tweets just this morning going after a see and the whole squad again and he's doubling down a trickling down now on on these attacks on on Twitter and he's only too happy to it the whole the whole thing was trump is the reason that he's doing this you may think well why is he going after these form when he's not running running against them he's running he's not gonna be running for president against them but there is a method to his madness I would say I believe that he is the whole goal is to make them his opponents because there's so far left A. O. C. is a socialist and you know joy by by putting her first front and center as the face of the Democratic Party he hopes to position the entire Democratic Party as being behind them rather than sort of a more moderate path and so he's a he's thrilled to have them as his nemesis and he tweeted this morning a string of tweets this morning trump also insisted his tweets were not racist quote I don't have a racist bone in my body exclamation point he wrote is with a straight face it urged fellow Republicans not to fall into a quote trapped by voting Tuesday night on the democratic backed resolution this is the house of representatives is preparing today to vote on a resolution condemning president trump fan is in his tweets quote this is trumps latest tweet this morning the democratic Congress women have been spewing some of the most vile hateful and discussing things ever said by a politician in the house or Senate and yet they get a free pass in a bigger brace from the Democrat party trump wrote on Twitter listing several grievances about the lawmakers quote why is on the house voting to review the filthy and hate lace things they have said because they are the radical left and the Democrats are afraid to take tomorrow and sad exclamation point he's got to put in the sad there but as you can see clearly what he's doing is is trying to make the entire Democratic Party Dan behind these four women and make and sort of make them in the face of the debt entire Democratic Party a clear what his strategy is this is the third day in a row of attacks on these women lawmakers I believe they're all freshmen lawmakers to yeah they're all new they're all new yeah women of color and there's got it what is gonna be other new freshmen lawmakers say they must feel kinda left out that they haven't been there that have progressive enough fight over a lot of possibly I'm not sure but we just just given time he'll get to them like you like it doesn't matter focusing on these for right now bill before more tomorrow they're not just these four but I think clearly what the person he's focusing on Moses AOC because she is a socialist and he wants the whole Democratic Party to be forced to defend her socialist views so but I wondered securely is stepping in because what they the Democrats eating themselves alive to begin with they were battling a lawyer and then he has to say this now and now we know all the news coverage is on him and call you a racist was taken the the load off of the Democrats fighting right there and now they look sort of like their United United against trump and ten being calling them a racist saying go back to your own country when three of the four men women are from the US yeah it was a little inaccurate but yet he just doesn't have the tweet Joe he does is we to just worded in question was he sent Shekou his information before you to eat so obviously he's doing this early in the morning I think because I think it was before like seven AM this morning where these twits these latest the tweets came out but I think that he's only too happy to have the focus on those for women and he wants the Democratic Party to stand with them and he doesn't care but as you said Christian that he was he he they they were sort of eating themselves alive before this because they see was was did was attacking them and they were you know clearly not on the same page yeah the Democratic Party has multiple wings state it seems like you have the really progressive wing with these four congresswoman then you get Nancy Pelosi who seems to not even want to listen to any of them right that she's got her own plans and doesn't want to go off for the impeachment right and they're fighting amongst each other in the doldrums steps in and well now they are United in their attacking trump again yeah yeah but yeah as you know he wants to be the center of attention so he's got his wish so we couldn't help himself yeah exactly I don't think you can help himself

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