Water Water Everywhere But Not a Spot to a Swim? Rent a Pool on Swimply


This episode of Business Wars daily is brought to you by sent pro online from pitney bowes shipping and mailing from your desk is never been simpler than with sent pro online from Pitney goes. Try It free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale when you visit. PBA DOT com slash B W daily they from wondering I'm David Brown and this is business wars daily happy Friday everyone we've made it. I don't know about where you are but it's still awfully hot down here. In Austin the kind of heat that's best treated with the day the movies or a nice cool dip in the swimming pool boy. Does that sound good. The problem is most of us. Don't have swimming pools and most public pools get drained after Labor Day. So finding a spot to swim hasn't been the easiest task ask until recently when a startup named swiftly decided to take the airbnb approached pools using the swiftly APP. If you have a pool in your backyard and you want to make a little extra money you can offer strangers the opportunity to rent it out by the hour for feet considerate the sharing economy underwater order in a good way since I'm actively looking for weekend swim spot I thought at tested out went to the website plugged in my city Austin Texas and chose the same day hey to see what I could find. At the last minute. My search turned up seven pools ranging in price from twenty dollars an hour at the east side country club to one hundred dollars an hour or for a private pool with a hot tub in someone subdivision at it'd be fair. The Country Club looked pretty stark and that hundred dollar an hour pool looked clean and peaceful but all this begs the question. Do you trust swimming in a stranger's pool. How clean is it and who else might be there the CO founders twenty-two-year-old CEO Benhamlat skin and his business partner Asher Weinberger say they thought of that they contract with local pool maintenance companies to make sure you won't find anything Hickey in your rented pool as for Privacy in the New Yorker writer Bruce Handy reported that simply tries to ensure that is well L. for instance handy says owners are supposed to keep their window shades down no spying allowed but when handy made a test visit in Long Island the owner was laws peering out the window. That's pretty creepy but it could be worse. We imagine for those pools that are labeled. Nude friendly swim please. Origins is our humble more like a teenager snow shoveling or lawn mowing business than a Silicon Valley Gig Economy Startup home from college in Lakewood New Jersey a couple of summers ago last skin got the idea while swimming in a neighbor's unused pool his family had been paying the neighbor for the privilege as Handy writes in The New Yorker Alaskan thought it could be a real business using Google Earth lasker found eighty pools nearby and contacted their owners all but four refused to talk to him but those four will they agreed to list their APU for rent and swiftly was born though at the time last game had no idea that it would eventually be a real business with pools in so far thirty thirty six states swiftly took off fast on the back of a homemade website and a newspaper at the business grew more than thirty pools in just a couple of weeks and and then lastly told Handy. MSNBC mentioned simply and Alaskans website crashed a year later. Alaskan dropped out of college to go full time with the new business today he and Weinberger have a professional website liability insurance for hosts and even rental Porta potties for hosts who are really busy to afford all of this simply charges the pool owners commissions and takes a small fee from swimmers. The metrics around the business seem a little loosey Goosey in one of the many articles covering simply the founders say some hosts. You're making four thousand dollars a month renting out their pools in other that number climbed to ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars a month regardless of what the true earnings really are one thing is most likely true for many families. The backyard Dr Pool begins as an enthusiasm and winds up as a wasteland swiftly turns it back into something thoroughly useful. How long will it take for a rival pool. Sharing during company to pop up possibly not very long but for now swiftly doesn't appear to have a head to head or should we say a pooled pool competitor but within the wider recreation industry will there are more and more airbnb like apps for almost anything you want to do you could choose a different recreation creation sharing. APP and look for a campsite on Hip Camp Ra- shared RV on outdoorsy or if you'd rather be on the water then underneath it you could rent wants someone sailing vessel get my boat he's I'll think about my next rented adventure while I float on my back in the sun at that pool out in the Texas from what this business wars daily this week's episodes were ridden edited and produced Appleton edited and produced by M our executive producer Marshall created by or Non Lopez. I'm David Brown around. We'll see at the pool next week. This episode is brought to you by Centro. 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