Facebook unveils new Portal video chat, TV streaming devices


Let's talk now about can ask first why you were in San Francisco what was going on up there this week so what when your tech reporter yet these weird things were companies like Hey we're Facebook so we'd love for you to come up here and take a look at something but we can't tell you what that thing is until you come up here and what do you do. I so we go to this house in San Francisco yesterday and when I started seeing my tech friend shot from big publications then I knew okay good I'm not the only one here I'm not the only person I thought this might be cool but we went in sight unseen and sure enough they unveiled a whole bunch of new gadgets for the home called Facebook portal which they've had before but they went back to the drawing board because one Facebook portal first came out these devices that let you video chats like a smart screen and nobody like them because they had cameras and microphones and cameras and microphones in your house from Facebook no don't necessarily go together no people don't trust I think the bottom line is no matter what Facebook does until it does something absolutely miraculous that goes without a shadow of a doubt that they're not spying on us or they're not get rid of our information or anything like that it's gonna be very hard for them to convince us a camera and a microphone in our house is a good way to go right I mean connecting six billion people in the world that wasn't good enough come on face I gotta do better than that exactly okay socks but the reality is they definitely took the feedback to heart and these new devices have a lot more privacy controls built and so number one there's three devices there's they look like picture frames to them my favorite is the one that sits on top your TV it looks like that Xbox Kinect sensor and it's got a camera on the top and yes I know it's scary to have a camera microphone from Facebook but there are lenses and little shop shutters that you can physically shop on every single one of these so you can always slide to turn off the microphone and the camera lens and you'll physically see that it's off so that's number one number two when you're sitting there and for this camera it's actually quite amazing so if you've ever tried to video chat with folks which I'm sure you have Jennifer on your face time yeah it's shaky yeah you're moving around your arm gets tired it's you want to get off the call as quick as possible because it's just not a natural thing to do with this you are sitting on the couch the camera follows you around the room. zooms in if it picks the people in the room we can say which one you want to focus on or all of you the sound is amazing they really have done a great job of making it feel like the person on the other end is right there with you well and I like it too because it with my stupid little T. rex arms it's like you can't you know it I feel like I can't get the whole picture of the room and and sometimes I'm like Hey mom look at this picture that I got and then she's like wait where is that non shooting the ceiling and I'm shooting whatever it is so actually I'm watching your video that you've got it right now at ridge tomorrow on Twitter and that the the cameras and everything are actually fascinating I I think that these are great they're wide angle camera work with the cinematographer alley would to actually make it so it can zoom in on you and kind of make it it's it doesn't it's not jarring so it's not like this crazy zoom in it dissolves between shots you can have multiple people in the room so I mean everyone has a Facebook messenger account everyone and their also incorporating what sap which means that's the rest of the world that uses what sap so no matter what chances are you can contact someone in this I I really want to get one of these for my family I actually was thinking for Christmas maybe every single person in the family gets one because I could not imagine having a big group chat on the TV screen with my kids and all my you know you had a million siblings yeah I've got a lot of things and my parents and it's just it's just it's more natural to sit in front of the TV and video chat so these are gonna come out late October and early November. RT at one hundred thirty dollars up to one eighty it's gonna take a little leap of faith I think for yeah I spoke in people to accept these in their homes but look we've got gadgets from Amazon we've got gadgets from apple and also for Google in our homes at this point with microphones and speakers and cameras and all that good stuff so this is Facebook version of it yeah why not in a hundred and thirty Bucks a hundred eighty Bucks that I feel like is actually a very good Christmas present E.

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