How To Get Motivated


And business. I feel embarrassed. Meet my friends because i don't want to talk about what i'm doing. I've applied to so many jobs to no avail. I don't seem to be putting enough effort into business. I'm baking very little money and i'm falling deeper into debt. I have time and a very supportive husband but still i can't seem to you get motivated. What is going on what is holding me back joanna joanna joanna joanna first thing. I want you to know a girl is you are not alone. Every single person on the planet at some point in their life has experienced this including me and it's very very powerful. I want to tell you a little story a few months ago my friend we'll call him. John was going through a similar situation. Johnson is twenty. He's super talented really cute really smart but he was feeling lost in his life and he was embarrassed about it. He'd been stuck in the same retail job for years and he felt like time was passing them by. I shared a few ideas with him and within a few weeks his whole life changed. I mean completely completely and i'm not kidding you. He got a new job his relationships back on track and most importantly. He's not embarrassed to talk about what he does anymore and he's really excited together and go to work every day. When you're stuck in a rut and embarrassed about your life there are steps. You can take to get back on track. Here's what my buddy john did that you can do to number one be honest. Most of us have the tendency to hide are true feelings and pretend that everything's okay when the truth is it's. Not you know how they say. The truth will set you free. Oh well. It's totally true whenever you're not honest with yourself or others. You're just gonna say stock. The first step that johnson was being honest with me now. Being honest honest with your friends does not mean that you're debbie downer or that your burden especially if you stick to the facts of end stay out of victim for example if you're talking to a friend and they ask how you're doing don't lie to say you know what i'm going through a really tough time right now. Remember you're hiding isn't fooling anyone. It's just keeping you stuck speaking of hiding that brings me. The number to set number two is to get out and be around people. Don't be a hermit until you get this all figured out. Most people think that they're not good company if they're going going through a rough patch and that's just not the truth my friend john came to stay with us for the weekend so even though he was going through a rough time he does not fail on social life. Start making plans with your friends friends fill up that calendar just being around people help. Get you out of the rut step number three the most important. You have got to take action once. John told me what was up. I yeah i knew he had to read my book. Every man what you now on the surface it seems like relationship book but really truth be told it is a book about kicking ass in life and i knew he had to read it. I gave them a copy and he started digging. In immediately he point there he did something may seem obvious but most people wind and wallow in their misery rather than just doing something about it you could read a book like mine are take some personal development workshop or maybe you can go see therapists or how about this. Maybe you should go see the doctor and get a whole <music> all round of legwork done to make sure your health is on track and get things done. You can call back a friend. You've been meaning to talk to clean out a drawer or maybe take a class that you've been meaning. Take forever start with one thing. Even if you think it has no relevance to the big life problem that you're trying to solve you know my mantra. Everything is figure out but you won't figure this one out in your head. You need to get out and take action. Step number four and i love this step. Forget about motivation and this is a tweet meetable losers. Wait for motivation winners. Just get done so many people wait to feel motivated baited before they do anything. Here's a newsflash happy. Productive people do not wait for motivation. They just get on with it rather than trying to be motivated trauma. Bring bring the party technique. This is the thing that john got from my book. That worked like a charm in john's case. Bring the party party meant getting really into his job. The job he already had he decided to throw himself into every little task and you know what he's having a good time no matter what he was doing doing he had fun doing pretty soon. All kinds of cool things open up for him more clarity money happiness new opportunities you name it. Wouldn't you know it's totally clear on what he wants to do. In life and he's already booked gig in that field. Do not underestimate how powerful this bring the party technique is and you kinda gotta and do the shoulder shake like this when you bring the fun and passionate everything that you literally become a magnet for great stuff to start happening to that's what i got joanna. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to let us know how it

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