Dutch Court Clears Doctor in Euthanasia of Dementia Patient


The court in the Netherlands has acquitted a doctor had a high profile euthanasia case involving a patient with severe dementia the doctor administered a lethal drug to the seventy four year old woman in twenty sixteen on the basis of a legal statement made by the patient several years earlier unholy can reports from the Hague before making its ruling the court heard distressing evidence about as high the woman dies the doctor puts a sedative into the patient's coffee she lost consciousness but then will come up and have to be held down by her husband and daughter as she struggled to resist the lethal injection prosecutors then accuse the doctor of failing to properly consult the woman before administering the lethal drugs they said she may have changed her mind but the judges decided the doctor had acted in accordance with the legal and medical guidelines by going ahead with the Houston easier request made by the patient when she was of Simon's

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