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Welcome and welcome everybody to Notch Butte. I'm so excited to have this hour with you. If you don't know who you're talking to it's Jackie J. The beauty talk shock jock the Queen Creams your host with the most assumes freshest fringe on the West Coast your favorite over thirty niche influence or the pop punk princess your favorite cookie southern aunt. I'm here and I'm allowed honey and I'm proud speaking being of being loud and proud honey my guest I mean we have so much to talk about. I'm I'm all anxious because it's been really. It's been a while since we're irl it it totally and there's so much to cover. My guest is living his best dream in his best life. He radiates positively. He's an inspiration. He is an on camera host host and journalist. He hosts e t live and honey. There's another side of this coin because not only does he have this job honey. He's also on the pit crew of Rupaul drag race okay so talk about job diversity. The resume is extensive my good friend. Jason Carter is highly. I'm so I've been trying to get your ass. When I did all male March last year? I try to get you but you were busy and hustling and you have twenty jobs and you know you know the struggle. Yes I know all about the struggle congratulations. You're you're killing the game for you. Love you five years yes happened in January of twenty two thousand fourteen knowing the date we met at was audition audition or we were already higher so we did that. Google chat audition remember last year and then I was like she's dope and CO Q. Bob Who's bat that's right right. I was rocking the Bob and it was awesome and so then we hired got hired the best and they hired us. They hired us to work on the first day of thinking in my best on lemon like sweater and we were like we're about to take over the hosting world honey right to say and then we didn't want law firm. We don't even want to say the name of it right. I don't people to Google it and find it wasn't bad it wasn't bad just the content was great. Experience was awesome Alfred that we would. They put on like this place anyways. We're not going to say well you know. God had a plan because here we are here we are here. We are in these streets. We are in these streets. We're slaying it and here we are together together again together again and I've kept up with you over the years. There's media I've watched you thrive. I watched you get married and divorced. Stop Ah now. I guess there was not a post on that but I'll tell you all about it on so yeah. Life is moving on. Are you married varied. We are Leeann. You've been long-term since two thousand and nine yeah yeah. That's my little Munchkin yes. I'm so happy that it's going well for you. You thank you you know relationships are work and I'm from lever that when they don't work dishes God or whoever he believe in whatever you know whoever finds you gives you sauce and spirituality retrial rerouting you to something that's better for you. Syria told y'all he was inspirational. fucking sad right. You live moves on. I I think the hardest thing about life moving on is when you make the choice to move on because it's being hurt sucks rejection sucks here and so especially when you invest vest because I feel like when you're a passionate person especially when you're a creative you invest in things in your life relationships investment so when the Roi the return turn on that investment is negative. You know you don't have a black head right and it takes a while to move on and the people get over it. That's the the worst thing you can say. That's from someone who doesn't understand basic bitches. I mean I think they need to exercise. Dan Gratitude and were yes okay. I have to ask you the first question I asked everybody on Ashby it. which is what type of skin do you have black skin? No no I have I have combination early to dry okay yes. I you know what most people enter that either they say black or they or they say boat. We're all combo guys. There's just stop asking that well because you're a product of your environment right. La Smart Toxicity Skins GonNa react. I mean and really who's really drinking all the water. They showed me. I'm guzzling at Dr Pepper and I was really impressed that you said that because I'm like the bodies on point and he's drinking soda I mean it's been a Dole's goals. Yeah you gotta gotTa have that sugar. The second question I always asked which is new is. What's your favorite feature about yourself physical? I can be anything it's open. It's open favorite feature I would say I definitely if I'm GONNA physical playing. I love my cheekbones literally of all these things because uh Google Jason Carter Y'all looks like there's also lots of photos of him in tiny underwear on his instagram scantly. You WanNa see what is best feature is on. I mean I was GONNA say. Maybe the APPS grow into your pushing forty. You Stop You stop relying on that body. I mean but I needs it looking good over him over here. I Look I've always cherished and really celebrated. just strong facial features like Kathy Ireland hello. Is that a strong draw. Why but it's beautiful so cheekbones? I've always I've always liked just a very defined. The Bone Structure Consent Heavens right answer okay okay. We have a lot to discuss but I kind of want to start with drag race sure because it's so interesting I was just telling some of the people out here who is coming again and they all just instantly knew who you were really core famous in Burbank I mean honey what a place to be slow love. TJ maxx marshalls Anna Nordstrom rack and target Walmart aw we got it all we do have a Sam's Club. So how did you get that Job Jack. That's a I mean because it's it's. It's go go right. Yes of course yes so. There's only three pit crew so there's only so there's been many yes. This story secret angels the right. Yes six mashed sometimes tire. We'll come back. We'll make exactly exactly. It's how key very colorful so two two thousand nine. I was just ending really crappy relationship. I was a dancer in. La So in the beginning of the year in people have a reset. I'm getting shape. Do this career bloody yeah so I'm like Hey I thought let me take these shots to try to make it as a dancer so I was teaching classes in Hollywood at Gold's gym the Gold's gym the awards it goes you know coal yes and no Co Co.. Yes how far close the shooter you're you're in Hollywood and you had to park and they have your car towed. Yeah so seriously happening twice and I was teaching dance classes had this one must have been the photos in January what they fantastic doc photographer named Michael Quyen who just really good at photographing people of Color and women such a I mean look he's awesome and so I was teaching class and and the dance room was glass window so there's a bunch of treadmills outside will elliptical so one of the executive producers are casting director of the show was was on on the treadmill peered INA saw his friend was taking my class so he sent my friend to ask me his friends to ask me like hey you well. How about modeling whatever you got discovered a little bit yeah the Hollywood kind of happened and so for this was February of two thousand ten and that was such a pivotal year for me? I'll spin while later but so for weeks gi mailing me. Send me a picture Blah Blah Blah so I finally did and I got a I got a request to go down to world of wonder it was on a Wednesday I happen to be off and this was after weeks of telling them of ignoring because when you're you're just like whatever believe the Hollywood casting couch all heard of like who send me photos maybe I'll model exactly ackley model mayhem partly no trae pick trade for pick and so I did and I thought that final day they were like you need to come in today and I was like cool whatever I winning world of wonder owns the headquartered illness amazing building awful Cherokee and Hollywood boulevard to six stories and so down the bottom of the basement they shoot a lot of their content and so they put me on green screen and told me to dance in my underwear. I'm thinking Whoa first of all professional dancer. He said Dancing Gogo boy and I'm thinking well. That's not really a compliment. Excuse me I write Larry Spencer. Would I think give you trouble Gogo boy move right yeah yeah you know just like no rhythm just crying really bad so I did. Ah thought nothing of it didn't hear anything. Did you do any pirouettes or did you throw any Prussians in there. No no no ronge jetties or the Full Chandelier Choreography Matt Ziegler. I could pull my leg my head but I didn't hear anything for for a week and you're just like what the hell did. I just exact whereas that footage going to end up green screen. They're going to put anything behind you to an ancient Egypt or some. It's like makeshift foreign and so in so I can hear anything back in that back when you're grinding its next the next train we've been trained to just close that that robot yes and move on right and so that was in March what was father's day mother's Day was in May of course in so I went to a brunch with a friend of mine a psychic and we've just been talking and so should ask me a question. She said I'm getting this energy from you that you are you in college. Did you are you. Are you testing for something or are you an actor. You're like I feel like you're being tested or you went out for something. You're waiting to hear a response or you're needing a response for something. I was like yeah. I have really bad allergies this time of year. That's only guy you're GONNA get it. You're GONNA get it. It's going to open all these. I don't know what it is. It was going to be really good it's going to be it's going to be really really big. I don't know what it is. It's going to be it's going to it's going to be very pivotal in your careers can do a lot for a lot of people and a guy when the guy with an f. and his name is going to call you like okay. Whatever whatever and you didn't know what this was four? I didn't tell me what it was but it was for a show right how insane and it's it ended up being ruining the most iconic shows of all time this cultural phenomenon land it yes yes and so fast forward to end of June throughout throughout that time waiting I had hosted event with Shangila who was on the season before she's into my first has a podcast on this network shunned July McQueen wildly and I hosted hosted a live event with her and people from world of wonder at the event bright so that never facetime facetime baby. I had no idea right then next weekend. I went to a pool party in Herat was at this party people from world wondering how yeah and so they're like the Visa Card everywhere where you WanNa be seriously and so I got a call end of June from a guy named frank that said Hey I'm so and so from we'll have under checking your availability L. Ability for a show called loopholes drag race. Have you heard of it. I was like yes we love you be pit crew member and I was like what does that entail just super cool so yeah torturing and what's interesting is that I grew up watching Paul. I used to secretly listen to supermodel of the world because being a little gay kid right you couldn't you that age. You didn't know what being gay was that you were drawn and people made you feel bad for liking that type of thing because of the ninety s we were on the Tel or we were in the midst of HIV AIDS crisis there wasn't as much representation and being a little boy row quickey New Mexico black boy from Albuquerque New Mexico

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