Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Venezuela


The US is now increased pressure on the Venezuelan regime escalating what had been economic sanctions to a full scale trade embargo the BBC's the Oleg it has more the new measures announced by the trump administration go well beyond previous sanctions against Venezuela and form part of an ongoing campaign to force president Nicolas Maduro from office the executive order imposes a complete ban on the sale movement of any Venezuelan government assets in the United States it also prohibits any transactions with the Venezuelan authorities including those carried out by foreign businesses in a letter to Congress president trump said the new measures have been introduced in light of what he called the continued use your passion of power by the Maduro regime as well as human rights abuses on the arbitrary arrest and detention of Venezuelan citizens the US is one of fifty four countries around the world that have recognize one way does the head of Venezuela's National Assembly as the legitimate leader of the country however Mr Maduro still have support from Russia and China the BBC's Theo

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